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5 Inconvenient Facts About Getting Your Photographs Stolen

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Cross-posted from Fstoppers [by Nicco Valenzuela] Have you ever had a photo of yours stolen? Here are some important things you should know about. Having your photograph stolen by another person or a company can be very frustrating. The mere thought of anything that belongs to you being stolen is of course already irritating in the most general sense. However, if you’re someone who shoots professionally, the implications of your photos being used by someone…

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Maren Caruso

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Cross-posted from Communications Arts.  [By Ruth Hagopian] “Running her studio like a test kitchen, a San Francisco photographer experiments with off-kilter food compositions.” “‘I play with a concept, dive in deep and then switch things up by exploring another way to look at something,’ she says. Caruso has noticed that clients are more willing to be experimental with social media than with a print ad. To keep viewers engaged, whether they’re scrolling her images or…

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For 30 Years, These Grants Have Been Helping Photographers Produce Searing Images of Social Injustice

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Cross-posted from The Washington Post In Sight series.  [By Kenneth Dickerman]  “I have been interested in the grants for more than 20 years because they showcase some of the best work in the field from professional and student photographers. They have always been an inspiration and an impetus for me to push myself to do good work, but in the past few years, they’ve also reminded me of the dedication and hard work people continue…

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How to Stay Safe on Set During COVID-19

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Cross-posted from ProVideo Coalition.  [By Brad Jenkins] “STANDARD PRECAUTIONS – REVISED FOR FILM PRODUCTIONS In healthcare, mitigating the spread of infection is achieved by the implementation of an infection control protocol that is generally centralized around universally adopted precautions known colloquially as Standard Precautions. These typically include precautions to prevent blood-borne pathogens from unsafe handling of bodily fluids or needles/sharps, but for film production, in the time of COVID-19 we really only need to standardize…

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Pricing & Negotiating: A Large Production Cancelled by Covid-19

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Cross-posted from Wonderful Machine via APhotoEditor. [By Craig Oppenheimer]  “The photographer was awarded the project…but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This led to a lengthy process of uncertainty regarding how to tackle the project. Since the dates for each part of the project were spread out, they had discussed canceling some dates but just postponing others, and each day brought a new update on how it might shake out. Surprisingly, given the size of the…

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Spotlight: Mark Leibowitz Breaks Down Stereotypes

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Cross-posted from ProPhotoDaily.  [By David Schonauer]  “‘Let’s talk more and judge less.’ So says Los Angeles-based photographer and director Mark Leibowitz, describing the goals he set out for himself with his multiyear project ‘Stereotypes.’ The series features photographs of people that Leibowitz shot in Texas, California, Virginia, New York, and Washington, D.C. They include a Border Patrol agent, an Obama White House staffer, a horse rancher, a gun enthusiast, activists working for women’s rights and…

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