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Photo courtesy ASMP member Luke Copping

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ASMP NewsFeed Week of 7.12.2021

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Image: Matthew Johnson ASMP NewsFeed. Keeping You in the Know. With all that is happening in the world around us, we know that you don't always have extra hours in your day to catch up on the latest news from the myriad of information sources available today. Curated by former ASMP National Board Member and Contributing Editor Barry Schwartz, the ASMP NewsFeed brings you current articles related to the business and art of photography published...
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Maine Media Workshops + College Invites Submissions for the 2021 Arnold Newman Prize in Photography

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Submissions for one of the largest and most prestigious awards in photographic portraiture accepted through August 2nd, 2021 ROCKPORT, ME – Maine Media Workshops + College is currently accepting new submissions for the 2021 The Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture. About the Award: The prize of $20,000 is awarded annually to a photographer whose work demonstrates a compelling new vision in photographic portraiture. In addition to the winner, the jury selects…

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ASMP Announces 2021/22 National Board of Directors

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We are pleased to welcome newly-seated director Lynsey Weatherspoon, as well as incumbent directors Kevin Brusie, Gabriella Marks, and Felicia Perretti, to the ASMP National Board for a three-year term. As in past years, a National Board election in 2021 was not required due to the fact that there were only four candidate declarations submitted for the four open board seats. According to ASMP By-laws, with only four candidates declaring for four open seats, the candidates are automatically seated…

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Copyright Office Further Extends Timing Adjustments for Persons Affected by the COVID-19 Emergency

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  The Copyright Office is further extending temporary adjustments to certain timing provisions under the Copyright Act for persons affected by the COVID-19 national emergency. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act authorizes the Register of Copyrights to temporarily adjust statutory deadlines for copyright owners and other affected parties if she determines that a national emergency declared by the President is generally disrupting the normal operation of the copyright system. Under this authority,…

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ASMP Update Week Ending 7.9.2021

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ASMP Weekly Update Table of Contents ASMP Legal Fund: Help ASMP Help Your Bottom Line as a Photographer and Creator Copyright: On-site Copyright Office Services Reopening by Appointment Only Webinars: Dive into Photographic Processes at LOC July Orientations Chapter Highlights: ASMP NY’s The Bridge Mentor Program Benefits: Take Advantage of Apple Member Benefits Forums Events Newsfeed Weekend Reading

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Help ASMP Help Your Bottom Line as a Photographer & Content Creator Today

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  Without ASMP and its continued and increasing successful investment in legal and government advocacy, the leverage we photographers have to demand full and fair compensation for our work would not exist. But your rights remain under attack, so please contribute to our legal fund here so we can continue these fights across several fronts with full resources on deck. Any amount is greatly appreciated and helps us with this important work, though if you:…

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