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Visualizing Marc Almond: Jamie Mcleod’s Camera Eye

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Cross-posted from Please Kill Me.  [By Alan Bisbort] “Art photographer Jamie McLeod was a collaborator with and muse for the megastar Marc Almond (Soft Cell, Marc and the Mambas, solo artist) for 20 years. In that time, McLeod helped visually shape Almond’s public image, fusing his pop star persona with his more experimental, avant-garde inclinations. The result is, I Created Me (Timeless), a book of startling photographic imagery as well as firsthand observations by Almond…

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Celebrating Milton Glaser With His Lesser-Known Work

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Cross-posted from PRINT. The great and beloved designer Milton Glaser died recently. His work and, more importantly, his attitude have much to offer any creative person, including photographers, who often work hand-in-hand with designers.  Glaser’s iconic designs come not so much from a refined set of technical skills but rather from ways of thinking about how to solve client’s problems and remain true to your own voice. The people involved with PRINT, including Steven Heller,…

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PRESS RELEASE: ASMP Names James Edmund Datri as Its New Chief Executive Officer

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Tom Maddrey, ASMP General Counsel Marianne Lee, ASMP Board Chair Washington, D.C., July 10, 2020 — The Board of Directors of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has named James Edmund Datri as its new chief executive officer. He will begin his tenure on July 13th and will be based out of San Francisco. Datri is succeeding Tom Kennedy, who announced in January that he would be stepping…

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PRESS RELEASE: ASMP Announces Formation of Advisory Council for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Systemic and institutionalized racism exist in America and must be ended by conscious, collective action demanding change. Though ASMP has a history of commitment to supporting voices for racial justice in the United States, as exemplified by the 1960’s-era Equal Rights Committee, a fair critique makes plain our need to do much more today to address the underlying causes and effects of systemic racism.   –  ASMP, June 9, 2020   Today, as…

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This Production Company Shows You How to Shoot from Home Professionally

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Cross-posted from No Film School.  [By Oakley Anderson-Moore] “Some filmmakers are managing to shoot commercial work, and make money, during the pandemic. Here’s how.” “Cowboy Bear Ninja, which is comprised of directors, producers, cinematographers, and production designers, wanted to figure out best practices for new workflows. When they couldn’t find that information in any one central location, they decided to make it themselves. ‘Since we were sharing tools and workflows with distributed teams anyways, we knew…

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