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Message from the Executive Director – 3.30.2020

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The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic is profoundly affecting our membership and now more than ever ASMP needs to be there to support all those in our community who identify themselves as professional photographers. Given the economic dislocation that is happening everywhere and the losses of income that are being experienced due to project and assignment postponements and cancellations, it might be tempting for an individual member to see a membership as an expendable luxury…

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How to Apply for Grants

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Cross-posted from The Creative Independent.  [By Marianna Schaffer]   “Applying for a grant is not only a chance to share your work and have it be seen—it’s also a great exercise to put into words what it is that you’re seeking to create. Over the past five years, and in my current role as Director of Artist Initiatives with Creative Capital, I’ve worked with artists and arts organizations to realize many projects and programs across…

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Questions with an Educator: Sonya Naumann

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This week’s Questions with an Educator features Sonya Naumann. Sonya is a California based conceptual art photographer as well as an educator. She is very comfortable in the classroom and loves assisting students in the process of finding their vision. Here, Sonya outlines her thesis, “Thousand Dollar Dress,” her main sources of inspiration, and her favorite piece of advice to share with her students. We asked: Please describe your thesis “Thousand Dollar Dress.” How did…

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Allen v. Cooper: Justly Decided If Not Exactly Just

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Cross-posted from The Illusion of More.  [By David Newhoff]  “Professional creators following the case Allen v. Cooper were no doubt disappointed by the Supreme Court’s March 23 decision—a unanimous holding that the States (and/or their agents) are generally free to infringe copyrights with impunity. But perhaps authors of works should not to be entirely discouraged on this matter, because it seems clear from the opinions written that the Justices would have preferred if the law had led…

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