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Passing of Former Central Virginia Chapter President and Strictly Business Contributor, Chris Winton-Stahle

By November 14, 2016 News
Image © Christopher Winton-Stahle

Image © Christopher Winton-Stahle

It is with heavy hearts that ASMP announces the unexpected passing of former Central Virginia Chapter President and Strictly Business contributor, Chris Winton-Stahle, on November 2, 2016.

Board Chair Statement

When I first joined the National Board, nearly 6 years ago now, I was still trying to find my footing as a professional photographer. I knew that to be successful in my service I had more to learn about ASMP and the business of photography, but I was shy and a little overwhelmed by the experienced photographers around me. Christopher Winton-Stahle treated me as an equal and by doing so helped me find confidence in my ability to lead. Chris quickly became more than someone I admired, he became a friend. He was always positive, always supportive and honest. I could ask him anything without fear of judgment. He believed in the power of giving back, and his unflinching dedication to that cause made him an ally for photographers everywhere whether he personally knew you or not. Chris, thank you for everything you gave to me, to ASMP and to the industry. I will miss you.

Jenna Close

Chair, ASMP National Board of Directors

Executive Director Statement

ASMP has always had building and sustaining community as a core pillar.  To do it effectively, we have needed volunteers willing to contribute their time, talent, and energy.  Altruism, and faith in the benefits of giving have helped to undergird individual contributions.  Sharing the fruits of hard-won experience have helped bring us all forward together

Chris Winton-Stahle embodied all of these traits in his many contributions to ASMP.  After accepting the position of Executive Director, I asked national board members for names of others I should be in touch with to get a feel for what members wanted and needed.  Chris’s name was one of the first suggested.  I reached out to him and got an immediate, valuable response.  Over the past two years, we talked and emailed regularly about possibilities and he was always quick to offer support for my goal of helping ASMP to transform itself so we would be even more valuable to the community as a resource.

He was enthusiastic about the idea of enhancing the Strictly Business blog aware where he had been a regular contributor.  He endorsed the idea of building a new website and expanding our communications to open up new lines of conversation.  He was willing to share his images freely to strengthen ASMP’s marketing efforts in print and digital forms.  He offered ideas for how to build up our reserves of valuable information and how to broaden our efforts to serve the professional photography community with it.

The only proper response to Chris’s contributions was my own profound gratitude, and to hold up his support for our community as an example to follow.  I will deeply miss not being able to continue to have his advice and support in person as I continue my journey with all ASMP members.  However, I take heart in knowing how he enriched us with his presence, enthusiasm for our mission, and ideas for ways to improve.  And I will look for opportunities to pass along his belief in the power of the image to change how we see the world.  Thank you Chris for all your gifts to the world of professional photography and to ASMP.

Thomas R. Kennedy

ASMP Executive Director


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