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A Response to: Six Reasons It’s Time for Brands to Replace Stock Photos With User-Generated Content

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Editor’s Note: Andy Batt is an ASMP Professional Member. Cross-posted from Recently I came across a blog post that essentially blamed professional photographers for creating boring stock photos, and that boring stock photos are the key reason that companies should be using User-Generated Content. To sum up: stock photos are bad/boring, therefore companies and marketers are forced to look elsewhere. Deep into the article, we get this gem: “People whose work is used don’t…

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Weekend Reading 10.10.2019

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Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated this week by ASMP National Board Director Frank Rocco. 5 Tips for Making the Most of Criticism and Leveraging Feedback Only Idiots Think All Street Photographers Are Inherently Creepy Are we having fun yet?  Damn-Skippy! The Do’s & Don’ts of Working with Modeling Agencies Researchers Developed a Lens that’s 1000x Thinner than Regular Optics Quick Tip: Is…

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Check Out This Photographer’s Response to Being Asked for Free Prints—By Multi-Millionaires

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Cross-posted from SLR Lounge [by Alice Houstons] Tim Wallace is a national treasure. A real American hero of high-end photography. So when he was asked to provide a high-resolution free print images to a high-profile client FOR FREE. His response was a hard and definite NO. Recently, Tim received an email from a ‘high-end interior designer’ based out of California. This interior designer had a ‘high-end’ client—a real big wig—who had just remodeled their $12m coastal retreat…

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Photo of Jimi Hendrix taken by Jim Marshall in 1967

Jim Marshall: 23 Of The Most Influential Pictures From Music History

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Cross-posted from BuzzFeed News [By Gabriel Sanchez] “Few photographers have had a life and career as historic as Jim Marshall. His pictures not only capture some of the most influential artists of the 20th century but also established a new level of intimacy in the relationship between entertainers and the photojournalists documenting them. Some of the most iconic pictures ever made of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan, to name…

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Ever Wanted to Start a Photography Youtube Channel?

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Cross-posted from Fstoppers [by Scott Choucino] If you have ever wanted to start a YouTube channel, here is my experience of setting up a new channel and giving it a real go for 30 days. YouTube is something that I have wanted to have a play with for many years. I spend more time on YouTube than any other platform. In the 2000s, I learned photography from the site, as there was a wealth of…

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Fight Back Against Image Theft. It’s Easier Than You Think.

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Cross-posted from the Sony Alpha website. [By William Sawalich and Todd Bigelow]  “This is the second of a two-part series on protecting your copyright. As we mentioned in Part I, there’s no perfect solution to prevent copyright infringement. Here, in Part II we’re looking at what to do when you discover unauthorized use of your photographs. We asked freelance assignment photographer and copyright expert Todd Bigelow how he handles the problem, because not only does…

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