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Photo courtesy ASMP member Luke Copping

Member Spotlight

Check Out These Photographers Who Are Bringing BLM Into Focus

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Cross-posted from Pixsy [by Robin Gillham] Editor’s Note: Lynsey Weatherspoon is an ASMP Professional Member. For many in the United States, the present moment is a reckoning for the institutional racism that has plagued the country for centuries. In more than 150 cities, people have taken to the streets and are calling for an end to police brutality and historic racial injustice. The demonstrations were sparked by the on-camera killing of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis in…

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Screenshot of interview with Barbara Bordnick posted on YouTube

VIDEO: A Conversation With Legendary Photographer, Barbara Bordnick

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Cross-posted from Moab Paper. “Iconic photographer, educator and lecturer, [director and ASMP Member] Barbara Bordnick, presents her work spanning over five decades touching on fashion, portrait and still life. Barbara’s work has been published in countless magazines and newspapers, has received numerous prestigious awards, and was elected as the first woman president of the American Society of Magazine Photographers in 1977.  Her photography has been featured in museums and galleries worldwide and has published a…

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The Trench Coat: Through Magnum Images

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Cross-posted from Magnum. [By Rosalind Jana]  Editor’s Note: Featured in this article is current ASMP Life Member Elliot Erwitt and former ASMP Member, the legendary Robert Capa. “A trench coat is a garment best worn on a gloomy day. Ideally with the collar turned up, or a gust of wind lifting the hem. If it’s raining, all the better. In Robert Capa’s photo of Lauren Bacall, at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the actress,…

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Screenshot of video posted on Olympic Magazine web site

VIDEO: Documentary ‘One Shot’ Details How Olympics Photographers Capture Iconic Moments

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Cross-posted from PetaPixel. [By Jaron Schneider]  “‘One Shot: Photographing the Olympic Games’ is narrated by Olympic Champion Jonathan Edwards and features multiple award-winning photographers including Lucy Nicholson, Dave Burnett, Bob Martin, Tim de Waele, and Tsuyoshi Matsumoto. It also shows 146 images from the Olympic games dating back over 50 years. It was shot during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro that took place in 2016. The documentary aimed to look at Olympians caught…

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Elliott Erwitt: ‘Photography Is Pretty Simple. You Just React to What You See’

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Cross-posted from The Guardian. [By Nadja Sayej] Editor’s Note: Elliot Erwitt is an ASMP Life Member.  “Many photographers look up to Erwitt, eager for advice. The best piece he ever got is simple: ‘Keep busy,’ he says. He says remaining an amateur photographer is key to keeping his curiosity alert. It’s also just plain and simple work. ‘The fact that photography is international working, and people have to work,’ says Erwitt. ‘Most people have repetitive…

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screenshot of article posted in People Magazine

How the Photo on Barack Obama’s New Memoir Almost Didn’t Happen

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Cross-posted from People Magazine [by Sandra Sobieraj Westfall] Editor’s Note: Dan Winters is an ASMP Professional Member. It took the famously contemplative and cerebral Barack Obama almost four years (and 768 pages) to produce just volume one of his post-presidential memoir, the upcoming A Promised Land. But when it came to producing the photograph for the back of the book jacket — revealed exclusively here — Obama’s well-known impatience in front of a camera made…

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