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Photo courtesy ASMP member Luke Copping

Member Spotlight

Moving Still: Conversation with Lois Greenfield

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Legendary photographer, Lois Greenfield, has created a body of remarkable images that stop dancers in flight. As she has written, “The ostensible subject of my photographs may be motion, but the subtext is time. A dancer’s movements illustrate the passage of time, giving it a substance, materiality and space. In my photographs, time is stopped, a split second becomes an eternity and an ephemeral moment is solid as sculpture.” On November 1st, Lois Greenfield joined in…

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Paulette Tavormina – Recipient of Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award

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Paulette Tavormina was recently chosen to receive a 2016 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. The Foundation was established in 1985 at the bequest of Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock to recognize recipients of artistic metric. The Snite Museum of Art at Notre Dame University is now exhibiting 29 photographs of her solo show, Paulette Tavormina: Seizing Beauty – August 21 – November 27th. She will be giving a lecture on Thursday, September 8th at 5pm and signing…

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Why did YOU become a Photographer?

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Click to Explore | Powered by Piqsure That was one of the questions posed to me during an interview this past weekend. A young woman had asked to interview me for a college paper she was writing. The call and the questions started out somewhat clinical, most likely another task or paper that she needed to check off her list. She proceeded through the usual list of questions: “Did you go to photography school?” “What…

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