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Photo courtesy ASMP member Luke Copping

Member Spotlight

Elliott Erwitt’s Rediscovered Photographs

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Cross-posted from blind. [By Christina Cacouris]  In his latest book, ‘Found Not Lost,’ Erwitt forgoes the type of imagery that initially made him famous in favor of more contemplative work, most of which has never been seen before. Now in his nineties, Erwitt spent two years digging through his entire photographic archive and examining thousands of images, breathing new life into the formerly rejected. In writer Vaughn Wallace’s introductory essay, he describes a note scrawled on…

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Personal Projects: Robert Ripps’s “Negativityness,” a Response to Today’s Political Climate

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Cross-posted from Pro Photo Daily [by David Schonauer] Editor’s Note: Robert Ripps is an ASMP Professional Member out of the New York Chapter. What can trees tell us about today’s America? Quite a lot, says photographer Robert Ripps. A few years back, Ripps was working on a series that, as he puts it, “examined how urban trees survive, how their environment shapes them and in return, how they shape their environment.” The work was put…

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Elliott Erwitt: A Lifetime’s Work

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Cross-posted from Professional Photographer. [By Robert Kiener] Editor’s Note: Elliott Erwitt is an ASMP Life Member. “Looking through Erwitt’s massive catalog of photographs made over more than 70 years, one might think he’s been everywhere and photographed everyone and everything. Really. His iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, including her famous subway grate pose; the fingerpointing Nixon-Khrushchev Kitchen Debate in Moscow; segregated water fountains; a grieving Jacqueline Kennedy; hundreds of humorous dog images. His work is known…

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The Art of Storytelling with Gerd Ludwig

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Nobechi Creative is offering a unique online workshop with Ludwig called “The Art of Storytelling.” It runs from January 17 to 28, 2021. The workshop will begin with two days of portfolio reviews, instruction and theory, before participants begin photographing a subject of their choice for a total of seven days. (Students will be asked to develop two attainable and well-researched project ideas before the workshop commences. The ideas should take covid-19 safety into account….

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Rock & Roll Photographer Bob Gruen

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Cross-posted from NPR’s Fresh Air. Listen to a terrific interview on Fresh Air by the great interviewer, Terry Gross. “Gruen has photographed countless rock stars, including John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and Tina Turner. We talk about his friendship with John Lennon, why Bob Dylan doesn’t like him, and surviving the party lifestyle of the ’70s. His new memoir is ‘Right Place, Right Time.’” Editor’s Note: Bob Gruen is an ASMP Life Member…

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Check Out These Photographers Who Are Bringing BLM Into Focus

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Cross-posted from Pixsy [by Robin Gillham] Editor’s Note: Lynsey Weatherspoon is an ASMP Professional Member. For many in the United States, the present moment is a reckoning for the institutional racism that has plagued the country for centuries. In more than 150 cities, people have taken to the streets and are calling for an end to police brutality and historic racial injustice. The demonstrations were sparked by the on-camera killing of George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis in…

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