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Member Spotlight: Sonia Katchian, Blazing Trails

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ASMP Celebrating Women’s History Month. Interviewed by Rana Faure, ASMP National Board of Directors Since the dawn of photography, women have blazed their own distinct, though largely unheralded, paths. Sonia Katchian, a 49-year member of ASMP, is one of these women. A resident of NYC, Tokyo, and now Chapel Hill, Sonia recently recounted her journey in photojournalism. From her stories, it seems clear that, despite the challenges, she identified the opportunities that interested her and…

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Anne Geddes Was the Original Baby-Picture Influence

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Cross-posted from The New York Times. [By Sarah Lyall]  Editor’s Note: Anne Geddes is an ASMP Professional Member. “Her photography books of little ones in pea pods and flower beds sold millions. Then came Instagram.” “The idea was straightforward: solicit baby photographs from parents around the world, in a sort of open casting call, so that Ms. Geddes could post them in her own Instagram stories. ‘I guarantee I will look at all of them, and…

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Read or Listen: CASE ACT: Will Posting Memes Or Pro Wedding Pics Land You In Copyright Small Claims Court?

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Cross-posted from NPR. [By Neda Ulaby]  Editor’s Note: Jeff Sedlik is an ASMP Professional Member. “When Jeff Sedlik opens up Amazon, he sees his work for sale all over the place. A successful commercial photographer, his photos are easily spotted on T-shirts, hats, bibs, mugs, calendars, cellphone cases and so forth. Few of those sellers use his work with permission. Instead of legally licensing Sedlik’s pictures — which include a haunting 1989 portrait of jazz legend…

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How John Harrington Photographed His 8th Presidential Inauguration

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Cross-posted from PhotoShelter. [By Allen Murabayashi] NOTE – be sure to watch the video. Photographer and Best Business Practices for Photographers [and former ASMP National Director] author John Harrington is no stranger to political photography. For over thirty years he has covered the Washington D.C. scene while also serving a couple of terms as the President of the White House News Photographers Association. During that time, he’s also had the opportunity to cover eight Presidential inaugurations,…

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Elliott Erwitt’s Rediscovered Photographs

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Cross-posted from blind. [By Christina Cacouris]  In his latest book, ‘Found Not Lost,’ Erwitt forgoes the type of imagery that initially made him famous in favor of more contemplative work, most of which has never been seen before. Now in his nineties, Erwitt spent two years digging through his entire photographic archive and examining thousands of images, breathing new life into the formerly rejected. In writer Vaughn Wallace’s introductory essay, he describes a note scrawled on…

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Personal Projects: Robert Ripps’s “Negativityness,” a Response to Today’s Political Climate

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Cross-posted from Pro Photo Daily [by David Schonauer] Editor’s Note: Robert Ripps is an ASMP Professional Member out of the New York Chapter. What can trees tell us about today’s America? Quite a lot, says photographer Robert Ripps. A few years back, Ripps was working on a series that, as he puts it, “examined how urban trees survive, how their environment shapes them and in return, how they shape their environment.” The work was put…

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