Getty Images opens 35 million images
to online publishers free of charge

March 6, 2014

ASMP as always is concerned for the long term ability of photographers to earn a sustainable living. We embrace the idea of using new technologies to give publishers at all levels access to great imagery. We look to companies like Getty to use these technologies to create new income streams for photographers. We don’t expect the entire pie, just a fair and reasonable piece.

For Getty it’s not about the images in the long run — they are a means to an end. Ultimately, this is about valuable information, about placement and linkage. If this can be used to create new sources of revenue for photographers then it will bode well for the industry.

Photographers create the visual heritage of our society, including not only editorial images but also advertising, corporate, architecture, and sports — the significant moments of our lives. We need to ensure that photography remains a vital profession.

Eugene Mopsik
Executive Director, ASMP
March 6, 2014

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