ASMP Experts & Masters Podcast Series

The American Society of Media Photographers has introduced a new podcast and live broadcast event called ASMP Experts and Masters. The program brings candid conversations about the craft, business and the culture of photography between legendary photographers, creatives, thought leaders under the guidance of our rotating hosts. It uses a casual discussion format that includes looking at a series of the guest’s images and hearing about the stories behind them.

Host Tom Kennedy is ASMP Executive Director and is a former multimedia editor of The Washington Post and Director of Photography at The National Geographic. Host Luke Copping is an editorial and commercial photographer and current Chair of the ASMP National Board of Directors.

Each podcast episode will be live streamed on Facebook from the Facebook page of Photo Brigade (with just under 38,000+ followers) and the podcast will be available afterward on Adorama’s YouTube page (724,000+ followers) and on ASMP’s iTunes Page (brand new!)

Podcast Archives

Episode 1: Doug Menuez

Tom and Luke chat with legendary photographer and director Doug Menuez about the business and technology of photography, his many years documenting the career of Steve Jobs, and what photographers can learn from tech entrepreneurs. Learn more about Doug and his work at

Episode 2: Alyssa Meadows

Tom and Luke chat with Alyssa Meadows about the synergies between YPA and ASMP and the realities of being a young photographer in NYC. Alyssa is a freelance photographer that works to bring a client’s vision to life, and develops behind-the-scenes & promotional materials for films. Learn more about Alyssa and her work at

Episode 3:  Clay McBride

Tom and Luke chat with Clay McBride about what he’s seeing as he lends a hand to the next generation of photographers through his work as a professor of photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Learn more about Clay and his work at

Episode 4: Anne Geddes 

Tom and Luke chat with Anne Geddes about the creative process that she uses in her work with babies, children and pregnant women and what she’s observed about the human condition when doing that work. Learn more about Anne and her work at

Episode 5: Ron Haviv

Tom Kennedy chats with Ron Haviv, an Emmy nominated, award-winning photojournalist and co-founder of the photo agency VII, dedicated to documenting conflict and raising awareness about human rights issues around the globe. Tom is interested in discussing what Haviv has learned while covering more than twenty-five conflicts in over one hundred countries. He will also question Haviv about his experience publishing three critically acclaimed collections of photography. More can be found about Haviv at

Episode 6: Lynn Goldsmith

Tom Kennedy chats with Lynn Goldsmith the images she has taken of entertainment personalities, sports stars, film directors to authors, as well as “the ordinary man on the street”. Her images appear in numerous collections: The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Museum Folkwang, The Polaroid Collection, The Kodak Collection, etc. More can be found about Lynn at

Episode 7: Peter Krogh

Episode 8: Jenna Close

Episode 9: Jodi Baretz

Episode 10: Karen Mullarkey

Episode 11: Scott Burkholder

Episode 12: Evan Nissels