ASMP Experts & Masters Podcast Series

The American Society of Media Photographers has introduced a new podcast and live broadcast event called ASMP Experts and Masters. The program brings candid conversations about the craft, business and the culture of photography between legendary photographers, creatives, thought leaders under the guidance of our rotating hosts. It uses a casual discussion format that includes looking at a series of the guest’s images and hearing about the stories behind them.

Host Tom Kennedy is ASMP Executive Director and a former multimedia editor of The Washington Post and Director of Photography at The National Geographic. Host Luke Copping is an editorial and commercial photographer and former Chair of the ASMP National Board of Directors.

All episodes are on ASMP’s iTunes Page.  The first several podcast episodes were additionally live streamed on Facebook from the Facebook page of Photo Brigade (with just under 38,000+ followers) and available afterward on Adorama’s YouTube page (724,000+ followers).

Podcast Archives

Episode 1: Doug Menuez

Tom and Luke chat with legendary photographer and director Doug Menuez about the business and technology of photography, his many years documenting the career of Steve Jobs, and what photographers can learn from tech entrepreneurs. Learn more about Doug and his work at

Episode 2: Alyssa Meadows

Tom and Luke chat with Alyssa Meadows about the synergies between YPA and ASMP and the realities of being a young photographer in NYC. Alyssa is a freelance photographer that works to bring a client’s vision to life, and develops behind-the-scenes & promotional materials for films. Learn more about Alyssa and her work at

Episode 3:  Clay McBride

Tom and Luke chat with Clay McBride about what he’s seeing as he lends a hand to the next generation of photographers through his work as a professor of photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Learn more about Clay and his work at

Episode 4: Advocacy Alert – Support the CASE Act

Want to ensure that your creative work is protected? ASMP is calling on photographers and creatives of all disciplines to support an incredibly important piece of legislation that could make it signifigantly easier for creatives to resolve copyright disputes without incurring the expenses of going to federal court. ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy and Advocacy Counsel Mike Klipper discuss the importance of the proposed CASE Act and how offering a small claims court resolution for copyright infringement could be a massive benefit to creatives across America. The House Judiciary Committee is considering and voting on HR3945 (the CASE Act) in early April; therefore, ASMP needs you to contact – by phone, email, or letter – your representative urging them to support the bill that protects your rights as a creator, even if you have already done so, to stress the urgency and importance of this bill that has been twelve long years in the making. You can learn more about the CASE Act and take action here.

Episode 5: Anne Geddes 

Tom and Luke chat with Anne Geddes about the creative process that she uses in her work with babies, children and pregnant women and what she’s observed about the human condition when doing that work. Learn more about Anne and her work at

Episode 6: Ron Haviv

Tom Kennedy chats with Ron Haviv, an Emmy nominated, award-winning photojournalist and co-founder of the photo agency VII, dedicated to documenting conflict and raising awareness about human rights issues around the globe. Tom is interested in discussing what Haviv has learned while covering more than twenty-five conflicts in over one hundred countries. He will also question Haviv about his experience publishing three critically acclaimed collections of photography. More can be found about Haviv at


Episode 7: Meet Your Hosts – Tom Kennedy

Luke Copping Interviews ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy about his experiences as Managing Editor for Multimedia at The Washington Post and Director of Photography for the National Geographic Magazine, as well as his views on the current state of the photographic industry. He has created, directed, and edited visual journalism projects that have earned Pulitzer Prizes, as well as EMMY, Peabody, and Edward R. Murrow awards. Visit for more information on The American Society of Media Photographers.


Episode 8: Lynn Goldsmith

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy chats with Lynn Goldsmith the images she has taken of entertainment personalities, sports stars, film directors to authors, as well as “the ordinary man on the street”. Her images appear in numerous collections: The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art, The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Museum Folkwang, The Polaroid Collection, The Kodak Collection, etc. More can be found about Lynn at


Episode 9: Peter Krogh

ASMP Executive Director speaks with photographer, filmmaker, and author Peter Krogh about the intersection of photography and technology, digital asset management, and their shared experiences at National Geographic.

Peter Krogh is a photographer, writer, filmmaker, publisher and consultant. For 30 years, he has created compelling visual images for editorial and commercial clients who need to send a message, tell a story or connect with an audience.

In the last decade, Peter has become one of the world’s foremost authorities on Digital Asset Management and workflow. He has worked with companies that create the digital photography ecosystem, such as Adobe, Microsoft, iView, Phase One, CRU, O’Reilly Media and PhotoShelter.

And Peter has worked with institutions that represent the interest of photographers such as the US Library of Congress, IPTC and World Press Photo. He served on the board of Directors of ASMP and founded and chairs the Digital Standards and Practices Committee.

His consulting clients include Delta Airlines, the World Wildlife Foundation, The Discovery Channel, Frans Lanting Photography and Johns Hopkins University. He has presented, taught and led workshops worldwide, including all over the US, Canada, South Africa, China, England, Australia, New Zealand and Italy. His books have been published in English, Spanish, French and German.

You can learn more about Peter here


Episode 10: Meet Your Hosts – Luke Copping

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy interviews his co-host Luke Copping about his experiences as a photographer in Buffalo NY, his role as ASMP National Board Chair, and his thoughts on the current states of the photographic industry and its shifting culture.


Episode 11: Jenna Close

Luke Copping, former Chair ASMP National Board of Directors, talks with photographer and fellow former Chair ASMP National Board of Directors Jenna Close. Topics include Jenna’s work in the green energy market, her concerns and beliefs about the direction of the photography industry and the culture surrounding it, and how she has adapted her business to the needs of her specific niche market.  Learn more about Jenna and her company Buck the Cubicle here.


Episode 12: Jodi Baretz

In this episode ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with Jodi Baretz — a psychotherapist and holistic health coach.

Jodi contributes regularly to The Huffington Post, The Mindfulness App, Westchester Magazine, Inside Chappaqua and Inside Armonk magazines. Most recently Baretz’ book has been featured in Thrive Global and on several podcasts, including Thrive LOUD, Here to Thrive, and Be Healthy and Thrive. She has also teamed up with “Maximize Your Talent,” a company that trains companies in emotional intelligence, and runs a women’s mindfulness bootcamp for them. Jodi’s mission is to help women learn to manage stress and their minds so they can cope more effectively with the struggles of daily life and thrive.

Jodi Baretz is a licensed clinical social worker and certified health and wellness coach with more than twenty years experience providing clinical services, psychotherapy, nutritional and career counseling.

She has a private practice at The Center for Health and Healing in Mt. Kisco.

Jodi’s latest book “Mindful Is the New Skinny” is available here


Episode 13: Karen Mullarkey

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy talks with Photo Editor Karen Mullarkey. Karen has an extensive career at magazines like Rolling Stone, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated.  In this episode she talk about her path, what it takes to be a professional, and the many amazing people she has worked with.


Episode 14: Scott Burkholder

In this episode ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy chats with Scott Burkholder of SGB Talent Agency in Baltimore. Scott is a socially minded artist agent who focus is on giving artists support and guidance in their business affairs. You can learn more about Scott here.


Episode 15: Evan Nisselson

In this episode of ASMP Experts and Masters ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with Evan Nisselson — a venture capitalist based in New York City who provides early stage funding to individuals seeking to grow all types of imaging technology companies as well as acting as host of an annual conference that brings together photographers, technologists, academics, media company execs, and more. You can learn more about Evan here.

Note: Due to recording issues you may notice some background noise and the occasional interference — however we feel that the content presented in this episode is extremely valuable, and while the recording may be less than 100% quality we still feel it is of a reasonable quality for casual listening.


Episode 16: Maggie Steber

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with Maggie Steber, a well-known documentary photographer, Leica Ambassador and photo educator.   Maggie has worked in 64 countries focusing on humanitarian, cultural, and social stories. Her honors include the Leica Medal of Excellence, World Press Photo Foundation, the Overseas Press Club, Pictures of the Year, the Medal of Honor for Distinguished Service to Journalism from the University of Missouri, the Alicia Patterson and Ernst Haas Grants, and a Knight Foundation grant for the New American Newspaper project.

For over three decades, Steber has worked in Haiti. Aperture published her monograph, DANCING ON FIRE. In 2013 Steber was named as one of eleven Women of Vision by National Geographic Magazine, publishing a book and touring an exhibition in five American cities. Steber has served as a Newsweek Magazine contract photographer and as the Asst. Managing Editor of Photography and Features at The Miami Herald, overseeing staff projects that won the paper a Pulitzer and two finalist recognition. Her work is included in the Library of Congress, The Richter Library and in private collections. She has exhibited internationally. Clients include National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, AARP, The Guardian, and Geo Magazine among others. Steber teaches workshops internationally including at the World Press Joop Swart Master Classes, the International Center for Photography, Foundry Workshops and and the Obscura Photo Festival.

You learn more about Maggie here.


Episode 17: TruePic / Sherif Hanna

Tom’s guest in this episode is Sherif Hanna — Senior Director for platform integration at Truepic, a California startup company that is now grappling with one of the more vexing problems of our time – namely how to authenticate digital imagery so that viewers of the image know that it has been seen and rendered as the photographer intended and that it accurately reflects what the photographer saw at the moment of image capture.  You can learn more about Truepic here.


Episode 18: Richard Kelly

ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with photographer, filmmaker, educator, and former ASMP President Richard Kelly.   You can learn more about Richard here.


Episode 19: Santiago Lyon

In this episode ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with Santiago Lyon – The Director of Editorial Content for Adobe as well as the former Director of Photography for the Associated Press. They touch on topics ranging from Lyon’s current work leading a newsroom worth stock department within adobe to his work overseeing years of Pulitzer Prize winning work at AP.

Lyon began his career with AP as a photographer, moved to picture editing and served as Director of Photography for the last 12 years. During his time as director, AP won three Pulitzer Prizes for photography. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Eddie Adams Workshops.

As a photographer for AP, Lyon worked in Central America, Egypt and Spain.  You can learn more about Santiago / follow him on Twitter here.


Episode 20: Tim Rasmussen

In this episode ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy speaks with Tim Rasmussen — The former director of photography for ESPN. Tim recently left the position for a new role with Connecticut Public Broadcasting as Chief Content Officer.  This interview was recorded prior to that role change.  He joined ESPN in 2015 after nearly 10 years as Assistant Managing Editor for Photography at The Denver Post, where the paper became known for its exceptional photography and awarded three Pulitzer Prizes.  He established video journalism at the Post.  You can learn more about Tim here.


Episode 21: Photographer Wellness with Jordan Marwin

Luke Copping, former ASMP National Board of Directors Chair, chats with athlete and trainer Jordan Marwin about physical wellness, strength, and mobility for photographers.  You can learn more about Jordan here.


Episode 22: Cynthia Carris Alonso

In this episode Tom Kennedy, ASMP’s Executive Director, speaks candidly with Cynthia Carris Alonso — a former Newsweek photo editor and photographer who has worked extensively in Cuba for more than two decades.

Cynthia Carris Alonso has been a Photographer, Photo Editor and Researcher for internationally renowned magazines, books and web sites such as,, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, Rhythm Music Magazine, People en Español, Vanity Fair, and Scholastic, as well as a photographer for several music-recording companies.

Cynthia Carris Alonso’s latest book, A Taste of Cuba, published by Apollo Publishers, celebrates the wonderful taste of Cuban cuisine, as well as the sites, colors, and energy of the Cuban culture.  More can be found about her latest book here.