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ASMP — American Society of Media Photographers


Photo courtesy ASMP member Luke Copping

ASMP Bookshelf

The ASMP Bookshelf is being launched in response to the number of our members publishing their own books with a focus on both the creative and business sides of the photography industry.

If you are a member who has published a book, please submit the details to so we can promote your work on the ASMP Bookshelf.

Elliott Erwitt’s Rediscovered Photographs

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Cross-posted from blind. [By Christina Cacouris]  In his latest book, ‘Found Not Lost,’ Erwitt forgoes the type of imagery that initially made him famous in favor of more contemplative work, most of which has never been seen before. Now in his nineties, Erwitt spent two years digging through his entire photographic archive and examining thousands of images, breathing new life into the formerly rejected. In writer Vaughn Wallace’s introductory essay, he describes a note scrawled on…

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5 Black History Photographic Books to Read Now

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During Black History Month, we celebrate the images of legendary photographers and photojournalists who have archived history in their public works and private collections. For more information about each of the highlighted books, their authors, or to purchase the publications, click on the links below: 1) Reflections in Black 2) Unseen: Unpublished Black History from the New York Times Photo Archives 3) The Black Female Body: A Photographic History 4) Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and...
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ASMP Member Denis Piel (b.1944, France), raised in Australia is an internationally acclaimed photographer, best known for his groundbreaking editorial work during fashion’s halcyon days of 1980s Vogue. He received the Leica Medal of Excellence for Commercial Photography in 1987. One great gift offered as a photographer nurtured by Vogue was to stay at some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels in the world and eat in the very best restaurants. Piel’s beloved French…

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Faceless Faces in Public Places by Sam Kittner

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Faceless Faces in Public Places presents people exhibiting determination and hope as they interact with their daily environments amid the angst of this unprecedented era, capturing the affection they show for their communities and the vital nature of place even during a pandemic. The collection, with over 80 black-and-white photographs, is composed of street photography showing adults and children wearing protective masks as they go about their lives in local neighborhoods within the Washington, DC, urban core. The…

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Bob Gruen Book Cover

Right Place, Right Time: The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer by Bob Gruen

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Bob Gruen is one of the most well-known and connected photographers in rock and roll. For almost 50 years, he has documented the music scene in pictures that have captured the world’s attention. Right Place, Right Time is Gruen’s first written account of his winding, adventure-filled journey. He takes us on visits to John and Yoko’s apartment, on a cross-country road trip with the Ike and Tina Turner band, to Glasgow with Debbie Harry, backstage with KISS,…

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Gas and Glamour by Ashok Sinha

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Gas and Glamour is a tribute to America’s golden age of the automobile, a time when cars themselves were objects of beauty and the act of driving was celebrated. Those cars are no longer on the streets today, but the celebratory roadside vernacular architecture from that era remains. Ashok Sinha is a respected architectural photographer and prominent ASMP New York Chapter Member, where he also serves on the board of directors. Given that Covid has…

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