ASMP Board Highlights

To further communication about the work being done on behalf of the membership by your Board of Directors, we will regularly issue highlights from Board Meetings. As always, members can get more details about Board business by viewing the ASMP website Board Minutes posted following each meeting.

ASMP Board of Directors Meeting
April 30th and May 1st, 2013

Board members attending: Kate Baldwin, Kimberly Blom-Roemer, Jenna Close, Luke Copping, Blake Discher, Mark Green, John Harrington, Bruce Katz, Richard Kelly, Kevin Lock, Ed McDonald, Gail Mooney, Irene Owsley, Barry Schwartz, Steve Whittaker. Absent: Jim Flynn.

Others attending: Board Consultant Bill Charney, Outgoing President Shawn Henry (1st day), and ASMP staff members Eugene Mopsik, Victor Perlman, Judy Herrmann and Elena Goertz.

President Ed McDonald chaired the meeting. He said that he planned to cover policy discussions of several key issues.


There was an extensive discussion of the procedures for determining when, how and by whom current or past board members should be hired for non-director services to ASMP such as creating and presenting educational programs. Consultant Bill Charney recommended continuing a number of ASMP’s current practices. He also recommended adoption of the following policy, which was approved:

The organization shall undertake transactions with members of its Board of Directors (and those within one year subsequent to service on the Board of Directors) only in the following situations:

  • The audited financial statements of the organization fully disclose material related-party transactions.
  • Those subject to the transaction are excluded from the discussion and approval of related-party transactions.
  • There are competitive bids or comparable valuations.
  • The Board of Directors approves the transaction based on review of contemporaneous evidence and a reasonable determination that it is in the best interest of the organization


ASMP’s Executive Director reported that changes in the results displayed in Google’s image search function had become a worldwide issue and that ASMP was awaiting advice from its counsel in its suit against Google to make certain that participation in group protests of Google’s changes would be advisable.

LEGAL REPORT • Victor Perlman

ASMP General Counsel Victor Perlman reported on some recent developments, including deliberations over whether to participate in anamicus curiae brief in support of a petition to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case known as Petrella v. MGM and recent announcements concerning studies of possible copyright law revisions by the House Subcommittee on the Courts, Intellectual Property and the Internet. He also updated the Board on potential orphan works legislation in the U.S. and abroad, as well as his recent participation in the Copyright Office’s Roundtable on possible legislation for a royalty on resales of certain copyrighted works.


ASMP General Manager Elena Goertz reported that the Society had experienced fewer dropped members at this point in the year and that, if the trend in membership continues, ASMP will hit an all-time high by the end of the calendar year. She also reported that staff conducts exit surveys of all dropped members and that in most cases, the reasons for dropping were because of financial hardship or because the member was leaving the profession.


ASMP Director of Content Strategy Judy Herrmann reported on recent educational initiatives. She said that she was looking closely at new technologies for delivering content. The Board expressed their praise for the recent webinar programs, which had averaged between 500 and 700 attendees.


Committee Chair Jenna Close led a discussion of potential changes in the membership structure and terminology that are under consideration for possible inclusion in a future referendum to the membership. Issues discussed included the process of joining, dues levels as bars to entry, the function of membership requirements as “quality gates,” sponsors and what is expected of them, voting rights, and additional new categories of membership.

The Board thanked Shawn Henry for his years of service and contributions to ASMP, Richard Kelly for his years of service and contributions to ASMP, and Richard Kelly, James Cavanaugh, Luke Copping, Liz Dawes-Ordoñez, Gail Mooney, Chris Reese, Eugene Mopsik, and Victor Perlman for their invaluable contributions to the ASMP/PhotoShelter jointly producedPhotographer’s Guide to Copyright.

For more information about the April/May 2013 Board meeting, click here to go to the full Board Minutes.