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How John Harrington Photographed His 8th Presidential Inauguration

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Cross-posted from PhotoShelter. [By Allen Murabayashi] NOTE – be sure to watch the video. “Photographer and Best Business Practices for Photographers [and former ASMP National Director] author John Harrington is no stranger to political photography. For over thirty years he has covered the Washington D.C. scene while also serving a couple of terms as the President of the White House News Photographers Association. During that time, he’s also had the opportunity to cover eight Presidential inaugurations,…

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Transcendents by Mariette Pathy Allen

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  In collaboration with Dr. Eli Coleman, professor and director of the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota, Transcendents studies the phenomenon of gender variance among the spirit cults of Burma and Thailand. This book combines a raw, personal, photographic standpoint with an anthropological and sexological perspective on the genderfluid spirit mediums in Thailand and Burma. “As a westerner, I will never understand or experience the mystery, or the spirituality of mediums, or how…

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Lucy Worsley’s Royal Photo Album

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Cross-posted from PBS Over the last century and a half, the camera has been the royal family’s confidante, messenger, keeper of memories – and pursuer. In this revealing and inventive film Lucy Worsley takes us through the story of the royal photograph, showing how the royal family collaborated with generations of photographers to create images that reinvented the British monarchy. Read more

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Donna Ferrato: A Life Dedicated to Women’s Liberation

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Cross-posted from blind and The Cambridge School Of Art. [By Laurence Cornet and Laura Pannack]  Having scoured her archives to collect 50 years’ worth of photographs of women, depicting their ecstasies and their breakdowns, Donna Ferrato publishes a troubling tribute to feminine power. Holy” is the adjective Donna Ferrato uses to describe women. “Men get all the credit all the time. They get the support. They get the praise. They get the devotion. Hanukkah, Christmas, whatever….

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VIDEO: What Gordon Parks Saw

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Cross-posted from Nerdwriter via aeon. [By Evan Puschak]  “Gordon Parks found a ‘weapon’ against poverty and racism in a secondhand camera. ‘I saw that the camera could be a weapon against poverty, against racism, against all sorts of social wrongs. I knew at that point I had to have a camera.’ – Gordon Parks (1912-2006) Born into poverty and segregation in Fort Scott, Kansas, Gordon Parks was 25 when he arrived in Seattle, Washington with only…

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Inside The World Of A Movie Set Photographer

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Cross-posted from AFrame – Oscars [By David Lee]  “For David Lee, work has long been a family affair. As a unit still photographer, the native New Yorker and younger brother of Spike has captured the making of nearly every Spike Lee joint, from the Oscar-winning director’s NYU shorts to Do the Right Thing to BlacKkKlansman—plus dozens of other American classics, like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Bourne Ultimatum and more. Not to mention…

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