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screenshot of scam alert posted at PDNPulse

Scam Alert: Phishing Scheme Targets Freelance Photographers

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If you’ve been a victim of the High Snobiety check-cashing scam, David Walker tells you what you need to know. A person falsely identifying himself as a fashion blogger for High Snobiety, the style and culture website, has been soliciting freelance photographers to rip them off in an apparent check-cashing scam. Going by the name of Alan Hurt, the individual has emailed a number of photographers offering them assignments that pay $2,000, including a $500 advance….

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The BEST OF ASMP Photo Contest is back! Watch for Contest updates here! Message from the Executive Director Dear Members, I an very excited about the momentum we’ve gained since we began accepting entries on September 15th! I want to thank those of you who have already entered and to make everyone aware of the turning point this Best of ASMP Photo Contest represents. I also want to encourage the rest of you to get…

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Weekend Reading 9.22.2017

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Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup curated by ASMP National Board Chair Luke Copping. • The about page of every digital marketing agency ever.  • Is the freelance economy getting more cliquey? • Pricing and negotiating a lifestyle shoot.  • When magazines dump iconic images for cheaper alternatives. • If you can’t afford a therapist try these online mental health…

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screenshot of freins and family pricing article on Fstoppers

Stop Giving Free Photography Services to Friends and Family

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Las Vegas-based photographer Danette Chappell offers some suggestions on how to to educate friends and family on our value and why we’re worth it. Photography is a commodity; It’s not a secret, and we all know it. When I meet a new group of people, it seems that every time the conversation of “jobs” or “careers” is brought up, inevitably, someone is always a “photographer” by trade. Commodification is a process that happens to every…

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Questions with a Pro: Frank Rogozienski

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This week’s Questions with a Pro features the amazing Frank Rogozienski. Frank is a San Diego based photographer that specializes in portrait, biotech, corporate, and industrial photography, along with having a vast amount of personal work that helps to drive his business. Here, he explains how he ended up in such diverse subsets of photography, the marketing techniques that helped to build his business, and his views on social media. See more of Frank’s work on his…

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Screenshot of Stephen Wilkes Day to Night Series as featured on The Week's Photo Blog

Watch Day Turn to Night in These Breathtaking Photographs

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The Week‘s associate editor Kelly Gonsalves features ASMP Member Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night series on the Captured photo blog. The first thing you’ll notice when you look at one of Stephen Wilkes‘  photographs is the grandeur of the view: a sweeping, glistening cityscape saturated with color, taken from an impressive bird’s-eye perspective. But if you let your gaze linger a little longer, another subject emerges out of the photograph like a secret image in…

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