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Weekend Reading 3.21.2019

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Some of the most interesting/useful/fun stories from around the web to check out over the weekend (Warning: Highly Bookmarkable). A weekly roundup of links curated this week by ASMP National Board Director Frank Rocco. Does It Really Matter What My Target Client Eats For Breakfast?! Gear Up, Clip In & Let’s Go: 18 Adventure Photography Tips to Help You Nail the Shot A Shocking Campaign Uses Graphic Images To Point Out The Damage That Plastic Pollution Has On The…

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Postcards From Mecca

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Cross-posted from The Eye Of Photography.  [by Andy Romanoff]   For twenty years starting in 1916, two cousins, Susie Keef Smith an Lula Mae Graves, traveled through the West, documenting with their cameras and selling prints and postcards.  “Traveling often by Model T, but sometimes on horseback or on foot, and accompanied only by the cameras they carried and the guns that kept them safe, they made friends with the last of the burro driving…

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Can Photographers Fight “Fake News” by Asserting Authorship?

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Cross-posted from PDNPulse [by Holly Hughes] What can professional photographers do to make sure their photos are not only seen but also trusted? Fred Ritchin, dean emeritus of the International Center of Photography and author, addressed what he called “the post-photographic challenge” at a salon, sponsored by Visura, the visual storytelling platform and grantmaker. Ritchin has been decrying the erosion of the public trust in photography since 1982, when National Geographic scanned and retouched a…

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The Staff of The Angelica Tea Room in Buffalo NY

Optimizing Your Find A Photographer Experience

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With ASMP now regularly promoting its Find A Photographer service both online and in print publications like Communication Arts — there is no better time than now for you to update your Find A Photographer portfolio. For many members, Find A Photographer is one of the key benefits of ASMP membership, and many of our pro members say that their inclusion in the platform pays for their membership dues several times over every year. Below…

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Grace Chon’s Work in the Harvard Business Review

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Cross-posted from aPhotoEditor.  [by Heidi Volpe]  Grace Chon is a photographer who specializes in animals – dogs particularly – and understands social media very well, as evidenced by her fabulous success on several projects, one of whom led to an assignment for the Harvard Business Review. The Daily Edit – Harvard Business Review: Grace Chon  

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Questions with a Pro: Dylan Buyskes

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This week’s Questions with a Pro features, Dylan Buyskes. Dylan is a Buffalo, New York-based photographer and founder of Onion Studio. Dylan and his team highly emphasize collaboration and communication, in order to adequately reflect the client’s vision through their own creative vision. His partner in both life and business is his wife, Robyn Buyskes. Here, Dylan details what it is like to be married to his business partner, what he learned growing up as the…

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