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NASA Wants Your Cloud Photos to Help Verify Satellite Data

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  Cross-posted from [by Michael Zhang] NASA is looking for people who are willing to regularly snap and share photos of clouds. The space agency is turning to citizen scientists for a cloud observation project that will help validate the images captured by satellites in space. From now until April 15th, you can take part in NASA’s “challenge” by downloading the free GLOBE Observer app for iOS or Android (there are also advanced data…

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Introducing the Women In Photography Instagram Project

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Cross-posted from Resource Magazine [by Cody Lewis] Our society is in the midst of balancing itself out after centuries of males dominating most industries. Recently, Rachel Morrison became the first female cinematographer to be nominated for an Oscar for her work on “Mudbound,” and it’s moments like this that give us hope that things are headed in the right direction. And, hopefully soon, in the near future, it’ll become such a common occurrence, that gender…

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Here’s How Much Photography Contributes to the U.S. Economy

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Cross-posted from [By Greg Scoblete ] We all know intuitively that the arts enrich our lives, but new figures from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis put some hard numbers to that sentiment. In a new report, the NEA says that the arts contribute $763.6 billion to the U.S. economy, more than agriculture, transportation, or warehousing (take that, warehousing). Roughly 4.9 million workers across the country are employed…

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Staten Island’s Alice Austen House Celebrates a Remarkable Feminist Photographer ‘Ahead of Her Time’

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Cross-posted from the New York Daily News [by Chelsia Rose Marcius] One of Staten Island’s most prized historical possessions — the Alice Austen House — takes a special bow during Women’s History Month, with its pioneering tenant hailed as “a woman way ahead of her time.” The house on the edge of The Narrows, with its sprawling view of the Verrazano Bridge, is both a museum and city landmark honoring the legacy of Austen, who was…

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Questions with a Pro: Caryn B Davis

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This week’s Questions with a Pro features Caryn B Davis. ASMP is excited to feature Caryn during Women’s History Month because of her influential role in the photography industry. She has had a diverse career that started out in television, transitioned to photography, and now combines everything she has learned along the way in the operation of her own photography business. Here she details how she came to be captivated by her specialty, the publication of her…

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Meet Homai Vyarawalla, The Woman Who Revolutionised Photojournalism In India

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Cross-posted from iDiva [by Nyma Singh Merchant] Photojournalism, the more intense sibling of photography, is now an established vocation, especially for women. If you’re now aware of female photojournalists that work for National Geographic and the New York Times, and most importantly, Indian female photojournalists like Sooni Taraporewalla and Arati Kumar-Rao, it’s all because of one woman, Homai Vyarawalla. Homai Vyarawalla, then barely 17-18 years of age, was not just the first female photojournalist in…

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