ASMP NM Board Minutes for 7.11.18

Location: Home of Irene Owsley (Address redacted)
Start Time: 5:30pm
Attendees: Sally Thomson, Irene Owsley, Gabriella Marks, Peter Ogilvie, Karen Tischer, Steven St. John, Sabra Romero

Old Business:
● Minutes from Last Meeting– not reviewed
● Treasurer’s Report – Delayed for one week due to lack of access to new
online banking platform
● First Citizens Bank new signature card-gathered signatures for Steven St. John, Sally Thomson, Sabra Romero, and Peter Ogilvie
● Stripe requirement–Treasurer needs to do more research; card reader option is $110 for hardware and takes over one week for shipping;
chapter decided against the card reader for the chapter at this time

New Business:
1. Tuesday, July 17 – 7:00-8:30pm Michael Clark​: Staying Relevant in the Current Economy
● Sabra Romero, Steven St. John, Sally Thomson, and Gabriella Marks will be at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) to volunteer for
workshop at 6pm on 7/17/18
● SFCC Room 488, Health Sciences Building-Sally Thomson will complete required pre-visit with Michael Clark
● Free presentation space at SFCC = Free programming for SFCC students
● 5 Attendees have signed up for the workshop
● Workshop needs more promotion through social media, member phone calls, member emails
● Board will divide up membership and call members to help boost member participation
2. Wednesday July 18​ – 8:00am​ Chain link Fencing Installed
3. Thursday, July 19 5:00-7:00pm​ – FENCE Installation 3+ Volunteers needed:
○ Time changed to 8-11 AM
○ Fence participants will help
○ Schedule will be created and sent out to recruit volunteers
○ 5-7 pm Social with guests ASMP Executive Director, Tom Kennedy, ASMP Chair, Luke Copping, United Photo Industries, Dave Shelley. Meet at Bar Alto, Drury