Photo by Chris Sorensen

Lighting Rodeo with Chris Sorensen: Maximizing Results with Minimal Kit

Join us in-person for our first Lighting Rodeo in 3 years on Saturday, April 9 Between Covid, reduced budgets, or just the realities of certain shoots or locations, editorial photographers often have to work without assistants these days. In this seminar, Chris will show how he built and uses his kit to give him the…

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Selena Maitreya and Jenna Close

Power to the Photographer: Selena Maitreya (photo: © Jessica Lewis) and Jenna Close

Power To The Photographer

ASMP NE presents Power To The Photographer, a dynamic, full-day, Business Workshop featuring past National ASMP Chair and Director of Photography at Buck The Cubicle, Jenna Close, and veteran visual marketing consultant, author and international lecturer, Selina Maitreya. Selina will present a visual program that clearly explains the consistent steps taken by photographers who are…

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Lighting Rodeo: Learn Cinematic Lighting Techniques with Stephanie Diani

Get out of your lighting rut and learn something new: Join A-list celebrity portrait photographer Stephanie Diani as she takes you through her creative  process from: Concept, lighting, execution and post processing to the finished image. Stephanie will demonstrate the variety of light modifiers and gels she uses to create a cinematic feel to her…

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