Being on the Board

PETER GUMASKAS, Social Media Communications
“Becoming a photographer later in life and as a second career was incredibly overwhelming. In a business where its all about who you know I was lost. I knew nobody. I found and joined the ASMP as a networking tool. I wouldn’t have made it without the great people I met at the programs that were hosted by the New England chapter. After becoming somewhat established I  joined the board because I wanted to give back and to possibly help out any new photographers that needed a leg up in a highly competitive field. Much of the work I have gotten has been linked to the people that I know and have worked with at our local chapter. “
JAKE BELCHER, Sponsorship
“After leaving the newspaper world and jumping into working as a full-time freelance photographer a few years ago, I found myself isolated and in need of some direction and guidance in running my new business. ASMP was not only a valuable business resource for me, but also afforded me the opportunity to create long-lasting business relationships with other photographers in my local chapter. By joining the board, I’ve been able to give back to an organization that has given me the tools to succeed in my business. I’ve helped create some successful events over the years for our members and it’s rewarding to collaborate with other board members in making our chapter an open and friendly organization. Having never been in a leadership role, serving on the board has helped me understand my business better and given me the confidence to plan and organize events for our members. “
CASEY ATKINS, Former Co-President / Website Communications
“Being on the board of ASMP New England has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve had the opportunity to help shape our local photography community and network with people all across the area. I’ve loved seeing the breakfast clubs grow over the years, giving people a chance to connect in a informal setting to get feedback on their work or help with their business. In an industry where we all spend far too much time working alone I think fostering these kinds of connections is an incredibly important thing.”
MIKE RITTER, President / Outreach
“By upholding professional standards and advocating for photographers, ASMP helped me before I even knew it existed.  By being a board member, I’ve been able to contribute to this long line of photographers helping photographers and have had a say both locally and nationally in ASMP’s priorities and direction.  It’s rewarding knowing that my work as a board member helps other independent photographers.  Being a board member has also helped make me a better photographer and business person.  As each ASMP member has different skill sets and professional experiences, the board benefits from each new board member.  I always love seeing new board members with new ideas reinvigorate the board.”