Message from the outgoing president of ASMP New England Kelly Davidson

© 2019 Shawn G. Henry

Hello all.

My 2-year tenure as New England chapter president of ASMP is coming to an end. Please join me in welcoming the very talented and super driven John Benford as new chapter president. I am excited to see John lead our board and inspire our chapter in 2023.

As in-person events are becoming more and more common I am also excited to see our members in the flesh. My presidency started January 2021, the thick of the pandemic and when zoom ruled the world. I am proud of our board members for producing fantastic virtual events throughout the pandemic and reaching far beyond New England (for speakers AND attendees!). While we are still having virtual programs when they make sense, there are more and more live events in the works.

After 3 years in a global pandemic … I have high hopes for 2023. We all know the world has changed and covid isn’t going anywhere, but I see my colleagues navigating the changes and thriving in ways that seemed impossible just a short time ago. ASMP has helped our industry through pandemic-specific issues (like PPP loan information) and, at the same time, led the charge in copyright protection (the Case Act).

As I step down from the presidency I will remain on the board, reclaiming my role as social media chair.

I want to thank my predecessor, Mike Ritter, for his guidance. I want to wish John good luck in his role as president and am so excited to see him shine in his leadership role.

Thank you,

Kelly Davidson