24/7 on 4/27 Image Gallery

Image by Andy Caufield

As you might have heard, we are living in historic times. COVID-19 shut downs, unemployment, uncertainty, fights for justice, and the upcoming Presidential election. There is tension. There is strength. There is community. There are changes happening all around us. As photographers we are called to help document the days and our experiences so that the stories can live on. 

When we asked photographers to take photos of their daily shutdown lives and routines days on 4/27/2020 we had already been hanging out in our homes for over a month. Restaurants were closed. Kids were being home schooled. Streets were empty. Participants took photos of closure signs, low gas-prices, masked runners, flowers emerging and kids dancing. Photographers joined from Maine to Vermont to Massachusetts to Rhode Island. 

We came together on a Zoom call after all the images were gathered to tell our collective story. Here is the recap from 4/27/2020 across New England:

The next 24/7 event will be on 7/24/2020! Stay tuned for more details soon!