Griffin Museum’s Corona Online Exhibition Call For Entry

Submissions close May 6, 2020 at midnight Eastern Time
From the Griffin Musuem’s Newsletter:

It’s spring, and we are all physically distanced and living via the interwebs to have shared experiences. At a time of renewal, time of reawakening, we are all yearning to break free. We hope to get outside, see the blooms on the trees, breathe deeply of fresh air, unafraid of life in the time of Corona.

Let’s brighten our outlook on Corona. Let’s reframe it. In science terms, a Corona is a usually colored circle often seen around and close to a luminous body (such as the sun or moon) caused by diffraction produced by suspended droplets or occasionally particles of dust.

The Griffin Museum want you to share your light with us. Send us your images of sunshine, light and spring. Metaphor, abstraction and suggestion of sunlight in addition to representational concepts are welcome.

We are looking forward to your visual contributions with our creative community.

This is an open call and all submissions will be part of the online exhibition.

Submissions open until May 6th at midnight Eastern Time. Open to All. No entry Fee.

Send us an email with pertinent information like your name and image title, date and if available in editions let us know that too. Send us a link to your website or social media along with the submission.

Submissions should be as follows:
Saved as .jpg
-Size: 72dpi, sRGB, 1200px on the long side
-Your name and image title should appear in the file name of the jpg.
One image per submission.
-Images to be submitted to Crista at crista (at) griffinmuseum (dot) org Make sure you have Corona Exhibition in your subject line.

We will put together an online exhibition to be showcased on May 8th.