Support the CASE Act with a Selfie!

Jenna Close, former ASMP National Board Chair, has a very important (but easy) ask for The CASE Act. First, what she needs from you: a good quality selfie or photo of you holding up your right index finger. If you want, you can include a sentence about what the CASE Act would do for you, or you can leave that up to her. Please text it to 858-602-8052 or email it to ASAP. Here’s why:

Currently Senator Wyden is the ONLY person holding this bill back. In response, we are starting an IG campaign called #OnlyOne. We will be peppering Instagram with photos of our photographers holding up their index fingers (no middle fingers please) and describing him as the lone holdout in the Senate and asking “Why?” while having a few words that indicate why we want/need the CASE Act passed asap.

Thank you!