ASMP Shows Oregon the importance of the CASE Act

New England! We have an urgent request pursuant to your membership.

ASMP and other copyright friendly organizations are working hard to bring a couple of key Senators over to our side on the CASE Act, which will provide a more photographer-friendly process for stopping copyright infringers.

We are appealing to every ASMP member to use this link to reach out to Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon and ask him to support the legislation.

Please do this NOW. Don’t delay! It will only take two minutes.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a resident of Oregon, but since the form defaults to photographers in Oregon please simply delete that phrase in the form. 

Please DO tell him how important robust copyright enforcement is to your small business and your family. Please DO put your contact information on the form so we can keep a tally of outreach to him.

Looking for more background? Check out CASE Act Central and review the below statement from ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy:
“…weigh in with individual stories to Senator Wyden in emails or phone calls to his office, that make clear the extent of individual harm resulting from infringements (what has happened to the individual writing about their loss of income as a data point) and why the CASE Act would be an important step in providing a positive alternative for addressing infringements. Personal stories matter and our focus should be on telling them persuasively. We need to be positive in expressing why the bill matters, how it will help, and what may result for small businesses (in a positive way) if the remedies offered in the CASE Act actually come into fruition. One thing I have been expressing in my meetings is the frequency of infringement (a weekly occurrence for 50% of respondents to our last survey) and the range of lost income from infringements when they eliminate secondary licensing possibilities. To the extent that you can address those concerns in your responses, I think that would be helpful.”

What else can you do? Forward this email to everyone who you think would take action. Also share via your social media channels.