Get 2 Work: Tips for Starting Your Photo Business

Event promo: text says "Get 2 Work: Advice on Starting Your Photo Biz"

ASMP NC chatted with UNC Chapel Hill’s ARTS 515 Advanced Photography class. We had a great session, discussing real, detailed areas, and gave a complete plan to start developing your first clients.

Our topics were based on submissions from the students and included:

  • The Value of Assisting & Second-Shooting
  • Ken Huth gave “1 Rule, 1 Case Study & 2 Warnings: getting that first work— tips from a pro
  • Jebb Graff expertly covered Professional Practices in Starting Your Photo Business, which including a surprising one that really resonated with many attendees
  • During the Q&A, we covered handling tricky situations with clients & getting noticed by a pro to assist for them (or be mentored by them)

Check out the video:

(note: it’s just a recording of the Zoom session… so not HD quality)

See it on YouTube HERE to quickly see & jump to the topic chapters.