ASMPNC Announces Newly-Seated Board of Directors

ASMP is pleased to announce the newly-seated North Carolina Chapter Board of Directors.

The 2019/2021 Board of Directors include:

Veasey Conway

Aaron Cress

Jebb Graff

Ken Huth​

Justin Kase Conder

Sonia Katchian

In a change from the past, in lieu of “electing” the board, we have chosen to seat all of those who declared themselves as board candidates for a two-year term. With that change, there can be a greater sharing of duties and “more hands on deck” to assist with chapter administration, member recruitment, event planning and promotion.

ASMPNC Board officers will be elected at the next chapter board meeting to be scheduled shortly, with more chapter news coming to you directly from the NC Board of Directors.

Join us in congratulating Veasey, Aaron, Jebb, Ken, Justin, and Sonia!