ASMP Announces 2020/21 National Board Officers

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Election Central, Strictly Business Blog

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ASMP is pleased to announce the newly-seated officers for the 2020/21 National Board of Directors.

Rhode Island-based photographer, Marianne Lee, will serve as Chair. Serving as Vice Chair will be Michael Shay of Oregon; as Secretary, Felicia Perretti of  Pennsylvania; and as Treasurer, Gabriella Marks of New Mexico.

Directors continuing in 2020/21 will be Kevin Brusie of Maine, Michael Hart of Texas; Leah Nash of Oregon; Frank Rocco of New York; and Amy Tierney of California.

Newly-seated directors in 2020/21 are Thomas Donley of New York; Rana Faure of New York; and Nicholas Freeman of California.

Current directors Stretch Ledford of Illinois and Mat Rick of New York will be stepping down from the National Board.  ASMP would like to thank them for their dedication in support of ASMP and its members during their tenure on the National Board.

The three newly-seated directors will officially join the National Board of Directors at the annual meeting in Summer 2020.

Thomas R. Kennedy
ASMP Executive Director