Q&A with Artist Rep, Blogger, and Podcaster Heather Elder

Artist Reps: The great facilitators. Those that help photographers, directors, videographers, and creators of all stripes be found by art buyers and creative directors; helping to bridge ambition, financing, and capabilities in launching wide-reaching, broadly-influencing campaigns and projects. With an award winning roster comprising the photo and motion world’s top talent, Heather Elder has been at the heart of countless operations, large and small. Through her Podcast, Dear Art Producer, and alongside a rotating guest list of distinguished industry personalities, she has sought to share insights from many of the different perspectives one finds in this work.

In a continuation of their efforts to foster community connection and support photographers and videographers, ASMP Mountain West was proud to host a live Q&A with Heather on Thursday March 26th, 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a drastic slowdown in many areas of our economy, and the visual arts has certainly been heavily affected. Whether you’ve had jobs cancel, you’re self-quarantined and working from home, or even if your own work has been less severely affected, this discussion with Heather will offer a chance to speak with one of the field’s top experts on how best to get your work in front of prospective clients, how to arrange and present that work and yourself in the most effective way, negotiating terms, and how to ensure clients keep returning to you in the future. In her many interviews with those both looking to hire content creators, and those looking to be hired, Ms. Elder is constantly unearthing new trends in every one of the above categories.