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Welcome to the ASMP Minneapolis St. Paul 2023 Online Portfolio Review

Please select up to 3 review times/reviewers.  You can add three selections to your cart and check out all at once.  Please read the details below. Updated Reviewer Schedules are below too. 

!!Please read!! Here’s how to register:

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  1. Log in if you are an ASMP Member
  2. Select a reviewer
  3. select a time (remember all times are listed in CST!!)
  4. paste in your URL
  5. add to cart
  6. select your next reviewer
  7. repeat 2-4
  8. Check out
  9. If you are participating in the DEI Scholarship, please use the discount code DEISCHOLAR2023 when the orange box asks you for a coupon code.
  10. If you have questions about registration email the administrator


Once a time slot is taken, you will get a note that the “Product is unavailable” when you try to select it. We will try to keep the schedule above updated, to rescue you from any extra clicking.

Your confirmation email will have your appointment details on it.

You will get an email from Marianne Lee on Monday October 16th with Zoom login information.  

!!Thank you for reading!!

Reviewer Schedules (all times listed CST) updated 10/17 1:19pm ct:

Bobbi Peacock: sold out
Carolyn Potts: 9:25, 9:50, 10:20, 10:45
Christina Force: sold out
Conor Callahan: sold out
Honore Brown: sold out
Iglika Petrova: sold out
Jess Chorney: sold out
Lucy Winter: sold out
Liz Miller Gershfeld: 9:00 am
Michelle Allen: sold out
Missy Myers: sold out
Rachel Arford: sold out
Lauryn Hill: sold out


Additional Photographer Tips:


Review your appointment times and log on to the zoom meeting 15 minutes before your reviews begin. If you are not on time, your review may be forfeited.

Your Portfolio:

  • –  Have a link to your portfolio or website handy so you can easily copy and paste into the chat box.
  • –  Have your contact information ready to copy and paste
    as well as any other information you may want to pass on.
  • –  Your url’s should include the http:/ so that it becomes a hotlink in the chat
  • –  Choose the work you most want to market yourself with.
  • –  Consider what your goals are for the review.
  • –  Let the reviewer know what you hope to get out of the review. For example, imageselection, opinions on a project, or just sharing work.
  • –  A 20 min review goes by fast, make sure you do a lot of listening
  • –  Be professional and preparedLogging into ZoomIt is highly recommended that you get a Zoom account (free or paid options)
    before the day of the review, and that you log into the app and make yourself familiar with how it works. Your confirmation email will have a Zoom link that
    will work best if you are already logged in.It is also recommended to test your audio and video before the day of the review. You don’t want to waste time on solving tech issues.Be sure to update your Zoom app the day before the reviews.Log onto the zoom meeting no later than 15 min before the start of your review.Online Review TipsYou will get a message that says “________ is inviting you to Join (Reviewer’s Name)”. Click to join the room.There are two ways to share your work,

1) Copy and paste those links into the chat box. The reviewer can go to your links and share their screen.

2) You can share your screen by clicking on the green rectangle at the bottom of the Zoom window. Make sure the window you want to share is open (with the page already loaded) so you can direct Zoom to share that window. Zoom can share any window on your computer, so if you have a PowerPoint, a photo

book in Lightroom or Blurb, a video you’d like to share with Quicktime, etc., have it open and ready to go.

3) It’s best to be prepared to do both, and it’s not a bad idea to run a test or two with a friend, colleague or loved one.

If you are going to be showing any video, it’s a good idea to put your link into the Registration form, as that may allow for more discussion time in the review.
We can’t guarantee reviewers will be able to look at every portfolio, gallery or video, but you’re giving yourself the best chance to get the most out of this by making your work available ahead of time.

It is your responsibility to ask for your Reviewer’s contact information during the review. We will not be able to provide that information to you.

When your review is done leave the Review/Breakoutroom by clicking “LEAVE THE ROOM” not “LEAVE MEETING

Each Review is 20 minutes long. There will be a timer in the window as well as a 2-minute warning before the 20 minutes is up. Instructions will be given at the start, and we will have 3- 5 minute breaks, and 1 – 10 minute break between the reviews so you can stretch, grab some water, and be ready for the next one.

If you have any technical issues you can’t resolve on your own during the meeting, please message Marianne Lee.