ASMP-MSP Mentor Program

ASMP-MSP has established a Mentor Program to foster cooperation and an invaluable exchange on a large range of issues that affect photographers. One of the many positive benefits to being associated with ASMP is the chance to meet, interact with, and learn from others who have common issues associated with photography.

New photographers can and do benefit from meeting with established photographers. New photographers can be intimidated when starting out and feel that successful photographers don’t want to be bothered by questions. The exact opposite to be the case. Well-educated and successful photographers want to share their knowledge on how to create stunning professional photographs, while employing certain standards and business practices that promote and contribute to their success. 

Successful photographers are eager to pass on years of knowledge to peers because they know that an educated healthy community benefits all creatives. ASMP brings photographers together no matter how long we have been in the business.,We learn from each other. Being a successful photographer today requires more than just shooting great photographs. Passing on knowledge of business practices, copyright and techniques benefits the entire photographic community.

Benefits to consider from Minneapolis/St Paul’s ASMP Mentor Program:
• Access to an informed and experienced opinion about technique, equipment, business practices, etc.
• Opportunities to assist with shoots
• Someone to “talk shop” with
• Portfolio critiques
• Referrals to important references and resources
• Encouragement and motivation
• Help with plans and strategies
• Exposure to other photographers
• The opportunity to ask “stupid” questions
• Having accomplished professionals support and validate the success of your work

Please understand you must be a member of ASMP in good standing to be eligible for this program. A minimum membership at either the Student or Associate level is required. This can be accomplished for as low as $45 a year. You may still apply for the mentorship program, but it will not start until your ASMP membership is active and current. Become a member here.

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If you think you would benefit from seeking a mentor with our chapter, please send an email to with the following information and we will work to match you up with one of our mentors.

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• ASMP Member Number
• Indicate what field of interest you would like to explore