Confirmed Reviewers for ASMP-MSP Portfolio Reviews; Friday October 20, 2023

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Confirmed Reviewers:

Honore Brown (She/Her)

Senior Photo Editor – Wonderful Machine

Honore began her career as the manager for Max Vadukul Studio, where she maintained and archived photographs, coordinated photo shoots, and printed Vadukul’s portfolio for agency representation. She then moved to the New Yorker to take these skills to a higher level. While there, she took on an array of responsibilities, producing and commissioning photo shoots, managing the licensing rights of photos, as well as maintaining relationships with museums and galleries.

Through working at Wonderful Machine and pursuing her own photography career, Honore has a palpable passion for the medium. But what she loves most about her work are the photographers and the relationships she gets to build with them. Honore is especially interested in seeing portraiture, personal projects, and story-driven work.

Carolyn Potts

Owner/President, Carolyn Potts – Creative Consultant

Carolyn Potts, creative consultant, marketing coach, portfolio editor, seminar and workshop leader, is a former photo rep (35+ years), who works with photographers worldwide refocusing their marketing so that it’s as professional and compelling as their imagery. She provides portfolio edits, marketing strategies, and business systems that help photographers land the projects they both want and need.

Founded in 2004, her results-focused photography consulting practice is based on extensive industry knowledge gained from her long and successful career as a photo rep; a career that was fueled by her education in—and passion for—photography and design. She also spent three years in Silicon Valley where she discovered her “inner geek.” It’s that unique background that helps her clients understand the importance of having an online presence that provides a “user experience” that will engage their own ideal clients. She also helps photographers understand how to “think like a rep” and create business systems that lead to increased assignments.

She’s created over 10,000 portfolio edits/presentations for photographers. Those portfolio edits and marketing plans have garnered hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assignments from ad agencies, design firms, corporations, and publishers across the globe.

Created back in “The Before Times” (i.e.,pre-pandmic), her popular Marketing and Mindfulness seminar helped photographers learn more about optimizing one’s critical “Inner Game” which is a key to overcoming the unique mental barriers that the social media marketplace presents to photographers (e.g., insecurity, procrastination, anxiety, and “imposter syndrome”). More recently, Carolyn has been helping her clients understand how the threats and opportunities of artificial intelligence will affect their particular photo niche.

She has also curated three fine art photography, hope-themed, fundraising exhibitions for the benefit of social service organizations.

Interested in seeing both Commercial and Fine Art work. Open to seeing motion and multimedia samples in addition to still photography.

Conor Callahan (he/him)

Executive Producer, Ripcord Content Studio & Rhino Studios
@ripcordcontent @rhinostudiosmn

Conor Callahan has been working in the photography and video industry for almost his entire life. Producing projects all over the country and all over the world, Conor enjoys the fast pace and creative problem solving required to be successful in advertising and marketing. In his previous life, Conor was a photography rep for over a decade before starting Ripcord Content Studio and Rhino Studios.

Conor has had the pleasure of partnering with clients like General Mills, Formica Group, 3M, Back to Nature, adidas, Under Armour, Xcel Energy, Camp Chef, Kubota, Wolverine, Target, Best Buy, CITGO and many others.

Interested in seeing anything but fine art.

Missy Myers (She/Her/Hers) Photo © 2023 Galdones Photography

Director, Business Development; Roll Cut Studios
@missyinchicago @rollcutstudios

Missy Myers is an agent and attorney, focusing on business growth, development, and strategy. Her career began as in house counsel at a Fortune 500 company, where she worked with the Board of Directors for almost a decade.

As an agent, she spent 6 years representing photographers with the legendary Marge Casey in Chicago. In 2021, she joined business partners Huge Galdones (Galdophoto) and Mark Skala (Skalawag motion) and opened Roll Cut Studios, an integrated content studio specializing in Food and Beverage.

On Wednesday nights, she sings Portuguese sambas and jazz standards at Del Rio restaurant. Try the house veal. It’s delicious.

Interested in seeing any. My background is Sports, Lifestyle, Conceptual and F&B

Christina Force (She/Her)

Founder & Co-Chair of Creative Asia Plus / Photo Consultant & Folio Editor

British-born Christina Force founded the first photo agency in New Zealand, launching photographers globally for over 17 years. Since becoming a photo consultant a decade ago, she has mentored hundreds of photographers and co-founded the only Asia-based review and education event, CA+, and a visual voice workshop, The Series Project.

She’s been a guest speaker and reviewer for Image Nation, AIPA (NZ), CATC Design School, Vivid, Canon, ACMP (Australia), The New York Academy of Film, New York Photoplus, Palm Springs Photo Fest, ASMP (USA), and CA+ (Hong Kong and Singapore). Force has been an IPA Lucie Foundation juror since 2011 and was a curator for the Women’s Work exhibition in Auckland in 2020.

Dave Lewis (he/him)

Senior Content Producer, Dave Lewis Producer

Embracing change, a desire to learn, collaboration, resourcefulness, flexibility, and a creative heart make the foundation from which I work. With 25+ years in advertising and marketing, my experiences include offering global expertise in producing content for various platforms like video/streaming services, social media, websites, and all print executions. I focus on what’s best for the creative while working with the team to solve problems and build relationships.

Interested in seeing Social/Motion/The work that moves your heart.

Jess Chorney (she/her)

Sr Creative Director, Target

Creative leader with a deep background in fashion, beauty and home categories. I love helping photographers curate strong portfolios to resonate with potential clients.

Lucy Winter (She, Her, Hers)

Senior Art Director, Target Creative

I have been working in the creative field in various roles, either as Art director, Graphic Designer, Creative Lead or Creative Manger since graduating with BFA in Graphic Design and Minor in photography from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in 1982. During the summer of 1983, I studied abroad in Switzerland with the Yale Summer Brissago Graphic Design program.

Minneapolis has been my base home my entire career. In addition to working several years as a freelancer, I worked for Campbell Mithun Advertising and Little & Co. The majority of my career has been with Dayton’s, Hudson’s, Marshall Fields, Target Creative. 

Interested in seeing Apparel and Accesories, Kids, Editorial, Sports/Sporting goods, Toys, Home Decor, Food.

Bobbi Peacock (She/Her/Hers)

Producer, Bobbi Peacock Productions

I have been producing for 23 yrs!  I have produced everything from lifestyle on location to food and product in studio.  I have produced for Target, Square, McDonalds among many others.  And, I have worked with all of the agencies in town as well as in NYC, LA, Texas, Europe, Mexico, etc. 

Prior to commercial photography, I was a fine art photographer dealer at the amazing Fahey/Klein Gallery in Los Angeles.  I love photography and look forward to seeing your work!

Interested in seeing commercial lifestyle, food and beauty as well as fine art and passion projects.

Liz Miller Gershfeld (she/her)

Independent Art producer and photo consultant

Liz Miller Gershfeld has been producing work with artists for clients for more than two decades. As an executive art producer on the agency side for 23 years and now as an independent she is always an advocate for what is fair and always a champion for the best work.

Liz has been producing award winning work for clients such as Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, Herradura, American Egg Board, Ocean Spray, Wrigley, Kerrygold, Canadian Club, Jim Beam, Art Institute Chicago and others.

Liz has been a panelist and speaker for the APA, ASMP, Geekfest NOLA, PDN, The AI Salon, Komyoon, the AMA, PEO and PhotoShelter. She has judged photo competitions for PDN, the APA, Archive Magazine and Columbia College’s Manifest Graduate competition. Liz has also curated for exhibits and auctions for charity.

Liz is always excited to see work from photographers, mentor and connect.
She is a year-round cyclist and lives in Chicago. 

Interested in seeing lifestyle, conceptual, food and beverage and work from traditionally marginalized artists.

Iglika Petrova (She/her/hers)

Senior Art Director Seasonal, Target Creative

I am a Senior Art Director on the seasonal creative team. My team works on the seasonal (spring, summer, halloween, holiday) in-store creative that gets leveraged into other Target channels (online, social media, photography and promotions). I often lead the seasonal photshoots, mainly with local photographers, talent and crew. I am very passionate about my work and am always looking for a new or emerging talent to expand our cretive pool.

Outside of my professional aspirations, I love photography and visual storytelling. I love to capture the natural beauty around me, as well as playing with food styling and photography. I am a passionate supporter of local foods and local farming and in my free time I work on farm-related projects. 

Rachel Arford (She / Her / Hers)

Senior Art Director, Target Corporation

Graphic Design background. 15+ years of art direction experience.
Interested in seeing Fashion : On-fig and Lay down Photography.

Michelle Allen
Michelle Allen (She/her)

Producer, Treehouse Productions

Michelle is so grateful to have been working in this industry for the last 20 years. She loves the puzzling and ever- changing energy of production and is most comfortable in a place of anticipation and support.

She carries a genuine respect for her team members and is passionate about making sure that they have what they need to bring their best to every shoot.

Interested in seeing Food and talent photography.

Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill (She/her)

Photo Editor, Wired Magazine

Lauryn Hill is a full-time photo editor at WIRED Magazine based in Brooklyn, New York. Since starting at WIRED in 2019, she has been apart of numerous portfolio reviews including SPD portfolio reviews, Review Santa Fe, ICP Student Portfolio day and Palm Springs Photo Festival. She has juried Photo Lucinda’s Critical Mass and American Photography 39. She enjoys reviewing personal projects, editorial and conceptual bodies of work.