Northside Cellphone Filmmakers Course Starts Soon

The Capri’s Northside Cellphone Filmmakers course is free and open to 50 people (age 18+) who have stories to tell and want to tell them well –  using cellphone cameras. Participants will work with three renowned, local filmmakers and storytellers: E.G. Bailey, D.A. Bullock and Sha Cage.

Experimental Shorts with Sha Cage: Wednesday mornings beginning April 7 through the beginning of May.

Personal Mini-Documentaries with E.G. Bailey: early evenings on Thursdays beginning April 22 and 29 and resuming again for the month of June.

Social Justice Documentaries with D.A. Bullock: Saturday mornings in June through the beginning of July.

The remainder of the coursework will be offered in the spring and summer, and schedules will be based on participants’ preferences.  Spring sessions will be held mostly online, with some optional in-person ‘meet and greets.’  Some in-person sessions are planned for the summer as well and as possible.