Aggie Ofori-Amanfo shares stories about her formative years growing up in Woodbury in the exhibit at the M and an oral history for the African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota. (Photo by Chris McDuffie)

Outer Experiences exhibit open now, featuring photographs by Chris McDuffie

(Cross posted from the Pioneer Press)A new exhibit opening Feb. 25 at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in downtown St. Paul. The M is partnering with African American Interpretive Center of Minnesota for “Outer Experiences: Black Life in Rural and Suburban Minnesota.” The exhibit is built on oral histories collected by AAICM and explores…

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Northside Cellphone Filmmakers Course Starts Soon

The Capri’s Northside Cellphone Filmmakers course is free and open to 50 people (age 18+) who have stories to tell and want to tell them well –  using cellphone cameras. Participants will work with three renowned, local filmmakers and storytellers: E.G. Bailey, D.A. Bullock and Sha Cage. Experimental Shorts with Sha Cage: Wednesday mornings beginning April 7 through the…

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