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As an ASMP Member you get exclusive pricing on Pixsy products and services. Click the button to the right to sign up for their discount program.

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Pixsy is an award-winning legal-tech service for online image protection and copyright enforcement. Founded by photographers in 2014, Pixsy fights for the rights of artists by protecting the images of photographers, agencies, designers, and illustrators. Their pioneering AI-powered image monitoring solution works 24/7 and has uncovered more than 300 million matches.

Pixsy also offers expert case resolution services to recover compensation for creatives through lost licensing revenue and legal settlement. Pixsy partners with 26 law firms across the world and has handled over 100,000 copyright infringement cases to date. Send DMCA takedown notices worldwide with their automated tools (translated to over 14 languages). Pixsy now also offers integrations with the USCO to register photos directly from within the app.

Create an account today and enjoy a 50% discount off of an advanced subscription!

Member Benefit

50% off Advanced Plan that includes:

  • 30,000 images monitored
  • Unlimited import sources
  • High priority match scanning
  • 300 Takedown notices
  • Free & Unlimited case submission
  • “Protected by Pixsy” watermarks and badges
  • Savings of $234.00 per year


How to Acquire Benefit

  1. Provide your name and email address on the landing page (link below) so we can verify your active membership with ASMP
  2. Create an account at www.pixsy.com/asmp-partnership/ at same time using the same email address
  3. Our support staff will apply the benefit to your account (once approved)
  4. If you already have a Pixsy account, please complete the form using the email address associated with your account and we will apply the discount.
  5. Enjoy our market-leading product and services


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Contact: Oana Dospinoiu at oana@pixsy.com



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Contact: Oana Dospinoiu at oana@pixsy.com