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We deeply appreciate the artist’s desire to record and express the passion of the photograph. We understand the need to capture the moment that gives rise to a unique work of art. Our endless passion for photography in all of its art forms moves us on to the kind of technical innovation that helps the artist raise quality and performance of the art they create.  This is what keeps us looking for new ways to facilitate artistic expression, and creating the tools necessary.

We are photographers, designers, visual artists, and engineers. A group of misfits, nerds and geeks with one goal, to create quality products with the artist in mind. We offer a long list of items, each designed with one purpose…To let you be creative! Take control, it’s your vision we are here to help you achieve it.


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Geekoto is a photography and video accessory company committed to empowering photographers and videographers with high-quality, professional-grade tools at affordable prices. All their products are designed and manufactured in-house with full patents, ensuring top-tier innovation and performance. Their range includes professional off-camera flash units, rapid deployment lighting modifiers, LED COM lighting, and lightweight carbon fiber tripods, light stands, and backpacks. Geekoto champions creativity through its supportive stance toward the photography community, emphasizing the importance of traditional artistry over AI-generated content. Their social media campaigns highlight these values while providing tips, insights, and inspiration for the creative use of their gear.


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