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Struggling to find, cull, and organize photos? Excire’s AI-powered software is here to help.

Prompt-search AI. Auto keywording. Intelligent aesthetic ratings. Facial recognition. Class-leading duplicate search. Excire’s state-of-the-art AI will turbocharge your image-management workflow – so you can spend less time organizing your photos and more time behind the camera.

Excire software is developed by Pattern Recognition Company (PRC), founded in 2005 by internationally recognized computer-vision and machine-learning experts out of the University of Lübeck. PRC has developed a variety of cutting-edge AI products and applications in automated image analysis. Thanks to decades of expertise and excellent contacts with leading research institutions, the company has brought the latest technologies, such as deep learning, to the market. For the Excire software line, PRC’s vision was to combine cutting-edge AI with intuitive design to provide an unparalleled photo-management experience.

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Our Products

Excire’s AI-powered software is designed to make managing your images faster, simpler, and more intuitive. Flagship products include:

Excire Foto 2024, a standalone photo-management program that’s set to transform your workflow with its innovative features, including:

    • Prompt-Search AI: Instantly find any image in your catalog by typing in a free-text description.
    • Intelligent Aesthetic Analysis: Let AI identify your most visually appealing shots.
    • Auto-Keywording: Say goodbye to manual keywording; Excire’s X-tags AI will automatically categorize your images with precise keywords.
    • Advanced Duplicate Management: Clean up your library and speed up your culling process by effectively identifying duplicates, near-duplicates, and image sequences.
    • Facial Recognition: Easily search your image catalog for specific people and facial characteristics.
    • Integrated AI Analytics: Dive deeper into your photography habits and gain insights that can save you money and shape your next masterpiece

Excire Search 2024, a Lightroom Classic plugin that brings Excire’s cutting-edge AI technology directly into the Lightroom interface. Thanks to Excire Search 2024, you can streamline your Lightroom workflow with features such as prompt-search, aesthetic analysis, facial recognition, duplicate detection, and more!

To learn more about Excire’s groundbreaking software – or to purchase a license – please visit the company website. Alternatively, you can download a 14-day free trial of Excire’s latest products right here.



"I just started working with Excire 2024 and am stunned by how well it works. This is truly an amazing advance in photo database software. Thank you so much for all your work."

Jerome Hart
Jerome Hart Photography

"I have been using Excire Search for several years and with over 75,000 images in my Lightroom catelogue. I can find what I'm looking for within seconds. The search selection functions are excellent."

William Hallier

"The powerful photo management tool has transformed the way I organize and find my photos. Its AI-driven features are incredibly accurate and efficient. I can now quickly locate any image I need."

Sam Sciarrino

"I rate an easy Excire Foto 5 stars...Excire paid for itself in the first week of use, and I am still learning what it can do."

Ken Mendoza

"The best Photo Manager and analyzer and viewer you can buy! Excire an enormous asset for anyone with a large collection of photos that they want to view, sort, analyze, catalog etc."

John Turner