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Photo courtesy Mikael Damkier

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In addition to its 6,500 strong and growing National Membership, ASMP has 38 local chapters across the United States, and Members in 22 countries — wherever you are, will be, or want to be, we have the in-person events, committees, boards, and online programs to introduce you to the connections that can change and grow your career. Many of our Members have built their careers with us for decades.

What Our Members Say About ASMP

“I had been an amateur photographer since my teens, with another career, when it came time to turn professional.  Looking for resources, ASMP seemed to be everywhere, supporting all kinds of photo specialties…it helped me learn how business works, how to make sense of the industry.”

Barry Schwartz, ASMP Member

“One Find A Photographer client is paying for my ASMP membership until I retire…Long live Find A Photographer!”

Jeffrey Hanshaw, ASMP Member

ASMP is where I learned the language and understanding needed to know what I was talking about and doing when it came to big contracts.

Justin Kase Condor, ASMP Member

“I value the work ASMP does on my behalf, as a strong voice for copyright protection, making sure intellectual property is protected and usage is properly reimbursed.”

Vicky Stromee, ASMP Member

“I generate at least eight times my dues in savings and assignments. In addition, I have developed great friendships and am very impressed with the support ASMP provides to the photographic community.”

Scott Indermaur, ASMP Member

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