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At the Academy, you’ll find:

A central hub of information, resources, and content, exclusively for ASMP Members. Get access to long-form courses, complete curriculums, relevant articles, and lawyer-crafted templates for every resource imaginable.

Individual Courses

Covering everything from business formation, marketing, negotiation, navigating the industry, contracts, COVID procedures and best practices, copyrights, NFTs, work-for-hire, new media, TikTok, business formation.


Full Curriculums

Multi-course curriculums including “Path to the Profession”, which shows you step-by-step how to get started, and our Full Copyright Curriculum, the industry standard for copyright education.

Shows + More

Regular shows including Focus on the Law, ASMP Week in Review, and Creative Advocacy, so you’re always up-to-date.

Ask A Pro

Your chance to interact with the top visual content creators, and ask them questions directly.


Document Templates

All the forms, documents, and templates you’ll need for your business, always up-to-date.

Articles + Resources

Articles on the topics you care about as a photographer or visual content creator.

Take Your Career to New Heights

With the ASMP Academy, you get unlimited access to one-of-a-kind webinars, shows, and long-form training on a broad range of legal, business, technical, and creative subjects — giving you the tools to take your creative career to new heights!

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Visit the ASMP Academy and learn how it can help you to grow your career.


Hundreds of hours of content on every subject you need to know — and want to know to move into new arenas with your work.

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Interact with the top professionals in the industry.


All the tools you need to scale your growth, increase your income, and raise your profile.

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“For me ASMP means community. It means knowing that I never have to go it alone.”

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