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ASMP is the premier partner you need to build, innovate, and protect your visual content creation business.

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We’re Dedicated to Helping You Achieve Success

If creating visual content in the diverse and exciting modern media landscape is what drives you, we can help you succeed like no one else – we’ve been doing so for 75 years.

The ASMP Academy

The only comprehensive resource of its kind designed specifically for visual content creators of all stripes: Everything you need in one place to form, build, and grow your visual content creation business — and to legally protect the content you create. It’s color-coded by topic, always up-to-date, and with advanced search functions so you can always quickly find what you need, when you need it.

Copyright Protection Tools

ASMP offers a Complete Copyright Curriculum that will give you a full understanding of how to protect the photographs, video, and film you create — plus we provide you with easy-to-use forms to get the appropriate model releases, and to properly register and license your work.

Building Industry Connections

In addition to its 6,500 strong and growing National Membership, ASMP has 38 local chapters across the United States, and Members in 22 countries — wherever you are, will be, or want to be, we have the in-person events, committees, boards, and online programs to introduce you to the connections that can change and grow your career. Many of our Members have built their careers with us for decades.

One-on-One Clinic Hours

Get personalized attention to your legal and business questions from our General Counsel or another member of ASMP’s legal team, who will discuss what’s going on in your business and how ASMP’s resources can help you solve whatever issues you face and take advantage of business opportunities.

Documents + Forms

ASMP has created the industry’s Gold Standard library of document templates and forms for you to use in every aspect of your content creation business. And unlike what you’ll find most other places, our legal team keeps them up-to-date so you can use them with confidence.

Savings with Corporate Partners

From insurance to equipment to technology, we’ve built partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands to save you dollars.

Experience the ASMP Academy

This unique Members Only one-stop-shop platform gives you everything you need to create, build, innovate, protect, and grow your visual content creation business.

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What Our Members Say About ASMP

“ASMP has helped me grow both as a business and a creative. With everything from contracts to the latest cool image techniques, I would not be where I am today without ASMP’s support.”

Michael Shay

“What my CPA’s [were] charging me for a [single] phone call – where I ended up more confused and had less clear information – cost more than the cost to renew my [year-long ASMP] membership! So I renewed right in the middle of one of those [ASMP] Town Hall webinars. So glad I did.”

Carolyn Potts

“Looking for resources, ASMP seemed to be everywhere, supporting all kinds of photo specialties….it helped me learn how business works, how to make sense of the industry”

Barry Schwartz

Access our Exclusive Library of Legal and Professional Tools

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If there’s a legal or business form you need, it’s here — we’ve created, and keep updating, the documents you’ll need for your business, all in one place.

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We’ve compiled short videos on the most frequently asked legal questions so you can get an answer quickly.

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