Membership FAQs

What are the benefits of being an ASMP member? One of the most important benefits of being a Professional Member is the Find A Photographer database, which is very popular with photography buyers. Using name, location or specialty, a buyer can find you in seconds and can follow a hyperlink to your website. Members who work as photo assistants can list themselves in the Find An Assistant database.

A detailed list of benefits is here.

How will my membership benefit the profession? Through their dues, ASMP members support important legislative initiatives and legal cases and industry advocacy efforts that have an impact on your professional business interests and the overall marketplace. They also support educational and publication efforts aimed at making photographers better equipped to be successful.

Can I space out my dues payments using my credit card? Yes, for a nominal fee, you can set up automatic monthly credit card billing to a Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover card.

Are my membership dues tax-deductible? Yes, your ASMP membership dues may be tax-deductible, as professional and trade association are deductible per the IRS tax code. Please check with your tax advisor to confirm dues are tax-deductible for your specific individual situation. Members can deduct membership dues on Schedule A as a miscellaneous itemized deduction subject to the 2% of AGI rule.  Or if the member is filing a Schedule C for business activities, the member can deduct the cost of dues on this form. Attached are two documents discussing both schedules. Publication 529 discusses the Schedule A (personal) deduction.  Publication 535 discusses the Schedule C (business) deduction.

Are there any discounts available as a result of ASMP membership? ASMP has negotiated member pricing with a large number of suppliers, covering the gamut of your business needs. Computers and software, office supplies, health and liability insurance, car rentals, web hosting, cell phone service … and more. The current list is on this page.

What kind of review is required prior to acceptance into ASMP? ASMP requires that applicants for Professional Membership demonstrate that they have been actively and consistently engaged in professional practice for at least three years. Students must submit documents that demonstrate they are enrolled. Applicants for other categories are not required to undergo any review but must be prepared to demonstrate that they meet the qualifications for the membership category applied for, if asked.

What if I don’t qualify to be a Professional Member? Should that happen, you may still join ASMP at a level commensurate with your experience and current situation. At any time that you gather the necessary professional experience to qualify for Professional Member, you may request a transfer of categories.

Do I have to upgrade my memberships at any point? While upgrading is no longer required, it is encouraged, as your professional publication experience grows. An Emerging Associate is an exception because it is only a one-year membership and is automatically upgraded to the Associate at the completion of the year.

Is my contact information ever shared with vendors? ASMP does allow outside vendors access to the membership roster, but only after any potential offerings are fully reviewed for consistency with ASMP policy. If you prefer not to receive any vendor information, you can easily click the “do not share” option in your member profile. Or a quick e-mail or phone call to the national office will keep your name off any list sent to outside solicitors.

I’m ready to join — what do I do next? You can fill out an online application form right here. This is the fastest method!