Photographers Round Table Breakfast

Contributed by: Western NY


Description of program: This is a monthly breakfast meeting held in each of the three cities (Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse) in our geographically challenged chapter on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:30 to 9:00 AM. Each city’s meeting is a little different and is unstructured, but basically it is photographers getting together over breakfast to discuss issues of importance to our industry. The purpose of the meetings is to build friendships between ASMP members and to replace the social aspect that going to the photo lab used to offer. Members are encouraged to bring non-members to the breakfast. Everyone pays for their own breakfast and the cost to the chapter is nothing. These meetings have been the best thing for our chapter and have worked to build relationships and to get new members involved with ASMP. Our highest member turnouts are at these meetings.


How many people were needed to produce the meeting, and what were their tasks?
The meeting only requires one ASMP member to be at the meeting at a local coffee shop or restaurant. That ASMP member decides on the topic to be discussed so that everyone is involved in the same discussion. Without a topic, the meeting will break down into several smaller discussions.


Describe the type of location needed for the meeting.
Coffee shop or local diner will do.


Break down the costs associated with putting on this type of meeting.
The cost to the chapter is nothing.


Describe the attendance and the fee structure used for this meeting.
Attendance by city:

  • Buffalo — 12 to 15 people including 2 or 3 non-members.
  • Rochester — 4 to 6 people including 1 or 2 non-members.
  • Syracuse — 5 to 7 people including 1 or 2 non-members.


What was done to market or publicize the meeting?
Advertised on our chapter website and email blast.


Was this a public meeting or a chapter only meeting?


Is there anything else we should know about this meeting and why it was so successful?
These meeting are so successful because they are about building relationships in the ASMP chapter. If people feel connected to the chapter they are more likely to be involved.