3-2-1 Party

Contributed by: Baltimore

Description of program: The 3-2-1- party is something the Baltimore chapter has done for years.

Here’s how it works: Each photographer brings 3 images (prints 11″x14″ or smaller that don’t need to be handled carefully); each photographer has 2 minutes to talk; and only 1 person talks at a time.

We hang clothesline from light-stands and each participant hangs his or her images with clothespins. We go around the room and everyone gets a chance to talk about their work or ask questions of the group. We have a timer we use to make sure we stick to the 2-minute-per-person rule. It’s usually very well attended, so we take a break to allow the first group of people to take their work down and the second round of people put their work up.

It’s a social party that gives us a chance to see each others work and get inspired. It also gives emerging photographers a chance to ask questions of more experienced photographers. In the past many assistants have made contacts with photographers which turned into work. Also, many photographers meet peers who shoot things they don’t, which leads to referrals and work passed. It’s always a good time and well attended.

How many people were needed to produce the meeting, and what were their tasks?
We had 2 planners who reserved the space, rented chairs, bought refreshments, bought clothespins, got people to bring in light-stands, and created email announcements. (It would have been easier with more planners.) We have 4 people to show up early to help set up.

Describe the type of location needed for the meeting.
We have always held the 3-2-1 Parties at a member’s studio space, but they would be good in any big open room.

Break down the costs associated with putting on this type of meeting.
For us, expenses were just the costs of renting chairs, refreshments, clothesline and clothespins.

Describe the attendance and the fee structure used for this meeting.
Last year we had 40 people attend. We have always had it as a free event and open to members and non-members.

What was done to market or publicize the meeting?
Email blasts, info in local camera shops, info to local photography educators.

Was this a public meeting or a chapter only meeting?
Public all the way! We actually gained 2 new members from this party last year!