1 Day / 1 Photo

Contributed by: Central Virginia

Description of program: Description of program: One day was picked for photography, June 28th. Members had 24 hours to shoot whatever they wanted and then had to edit it down to one photo only and send it in. At the meeting, they talked about the shoot and why they picked that particular photo

How many people were needed to produce the meeting, and what were their tasks?
Three people: one to put together the slide show, with the photo(s) and a name slide; one to get the drinks/food for the social; and one to set up the projector and run it.

Describe the type of location needed for the meeting.
Member’s studio

Break down the costs associated with putting on this type of meeting.
$100 for food and drinks

Describe the attendance and the fee structure used for this meeting.
About 20-25 attended.

What was done to market or publicize the meeting?
Emails to members

Was this a public meeting or a chapter only meeting?
Members only

Is there anything else we should know about this meeting and why it was so successful?
It was an opportunity for members to get together and catch up and see new work.