Nominating Committee

Also see the Nominating Committee FAQ for more info.

Responsibility One:

Find qualified members with talents and abilities to serve on national-level committees.


  1. To have quality members assigned to committees to help further the assigned work of the committee.
  2. To evaluate how new committee members function on a national level: how they work with others, how they fulfill assignments, and what skills and talents they bring.
  3. To assess their potential for service on the national Board of Directors.

Responsibility Two:

Recommend qualified individuals to serve on the national Board of Directors, whether to replace a current board member who is stepping down or to receive the recommendation of the Governance Committee (“the asterisk”) on the ballot for the national elections.


  1. To determine which members serving on committees (or currently on the Board) have the skills, knowledge and ability to serve on the national Board of Directors. This usually includes interviewing their fellow committee members and so on.
  2. To identify members who are not now serving on committees, but have national board potential. This usually includes interviews with members they have worked with on the chapter level, in a specialty group or in other organizations.
  3. To validate potential candidates’ abilities by contacting their chapter leadership and asking for their recommendation.

Who is on the Committee?

The committee membership changes each year. For the 2015-16 year, the Committee Chair is Gail Mooney ( New York chapter).


Please contact the Committee Chair with any questions, suggestions, or to volunteer for ASMP service.