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Spotlight: Exploring the Lives of Women in Male-Dominated Professions

By April 14, 2020 Member Spotlight
Photo of Tom Kelly, Patrice Banks and Gail Mooney

From left – Tom Kelly, Patrice Banks, and Gail Mooney

Editor’s Note: Gail Mooney is a past ASMP National Board Chair and current ASMP Life Member. Her business partner, Tom Kelly, is also a current ASMP Life Member. Both are members of the New York Chapter.

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[by David Schonauer]

Gail Mooney was self-quarantined before COVID-19.

The New Jersey-based photographer and filmmaker (and occasional PPD contributor) has spent the past several months holed up finishing her latest film project, a documentary about women working in traditionally male-dominated professions.

“I really haven’t had to adapt to the new reality of the coronavirus,” she says with a laugh. “That’s sort of been my reality as I worked on the edit for the film.”

Mooney’s new film, called Like a Woman, profiles a number of women who have made their marks while defying stereotypes. Among them are racecar driver Simona DeSilvestro, who tells Mooney, “As a woman you have to prove yourself more than the boys. They’re always going to check where the girl finished at the end of the race.”

Also profiled is heavy-lift helicopter pilot Natalie Jones, who helps fights wildfires in California, and engineer-turned-car mechanic Patrice Banks, who in 2016 founded the Girls Auto Clinic, a Pennsylvania-based repair center staffed by women. “This is a great time to be a woman,” Banks notes in the film.

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