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Shooting a ‘Character Portrait’ with Joe McNally and Daniel Norton

By February 23, 2018Member Spotlight

Editor’s Note: Joe McNally is an ASMP Professional Member.

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[by Will Nichols]

Here’s a 17-minute video from Adorama that takes you behind-the-scenes on a “character” portrait shoot with photographers Joe McNally and Daniel Norton. The goal is light the subject in a way that emphasizes what the photographer sees in the person.

McNally is shooting with a Nikon D850 in square-format, opting for a wide-angle lens at first. He then moves on to using a 105mm lens for a tighter crop. He’s also using a large, diffused light with a white table reflecting light upwards and a large diffuser overhead. The black background allows her to stand out in the frame, and the black dress keeps the viewer’s attention on the face.

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