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Rider of the Storm: Eric Meola’s Western Adventures

By October 30, 2019 November 5th, 2019 ASMP Bookshelf, Member Spotlight

“Hail-Filled Sky”© Eric Meola

Editor’s Note: Eric Meola is an ASMP Professional Member. His book, “Fierce Beauty: Storms of the Great Plains,” will be published on Nov. 11.

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[by Jennifer Landes]

Eric Meola is a storm chaser. For the past several years, he has loaded his camera equipment and traveled west from Sagaponack to the Great Plains and “Tornado Alley” — from the Rio Grande in Texas to Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada — to follow and capture the dramatic spring and early summer storms.

He first became acquainted with the Plains states on a trip with his family at 18 in the 1960s. His fascination with Western storms began on a photo shoot in Nevada in 1977 with Bruce Springsteen, whose “Born to Run” cover Mr. Meola had shot. A violent storm was approaching, and he had Mr. Springsteen get in the car and drive toward him as he took photographs with the storm in the background.

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