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Kim Maroon and the Fast Women of the Motorsports, Motorcyle and Hotrod Culture

By March 5, 2020Member Spotlight

Join Kim Maroon in Portland, Oregon at her photo show – FAST WOMEN: An exploration of women who ride, race & wrench – a project that follows the growing presence and ever changing role of women in motorsports and motorcycle and hotrod culture.

Event Details:
Friday, March 6th
6:00 – 9:00PM
Nemo Design 1875 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
Music: DJ Troubled Youth

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At the turn of the century, women were performing in death defying attractions like the famed Wall of Death, riding cross country, an active part of motorcycle rallies, races, car shows, and starting women’s only car clubs. Somewhere along the way in the 1970s there was a shift. In a world dominated by men, women became overlooked, misrepresented, or objectified by the industry.

Today we are in the throws of an explosive revival where we are seeing more and more women in unlikely places. Now there is an opportunity to redefine how women are portrayed across the community by focusing on the experiences and stories of those who are changing the game, breaking the stigma, and leveling the playing field.


© Kim Maroon

You strap on your helmet, fire the engine, and take off— from the starting line to the road neither knows gender only speed, tenacity, dedication, hard work, and passion. In a way it is a metaphor for life. It teaches us that these are the elements that must be counted as we strive to be seen as equals.

Through a series of photographs and interviews with women who ride, race, and wrench, I have uncovered personal stories of joy, passion, and bravery. In just two years, flying back and forth across the country to connect with the community, my interest for telling the stories of the women behind the machines has grown tenfold. So much so that I myself am part of it just starting out with my own bike. Connecting with these women has given me the courage and confidence to try new things, learn more, dream big, and begin a new life chapter on two wheels. The hope is that this work will inspire and empower other women to live boldly.

About Kim Maroon

A self-taught photographer and director specializing in automotive and moto culture, Kim has been sought out to create work for a variety of active, lifestyle, and entertainment brands including Red Bull, GoPro, MotorTrend, and Triumph. Fueled by curiosity and an appetite for storytelling, Kim has spent the last 4 years documenting a community and a world that at first she knew nothing about, but since has come to love and be an active part of. Through events like The Race of Gentlemen, The One Moto, Flat Out Friday, Bonneville Speedweek, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the moto community in Boston, Kim finds herself captivated by the experiences, the people, and the stories of life at full throttle.

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