George Kamper On Capturing Fluid Motion

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Member Spotlight, Strictly Business Blog

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We took a lot of care in finding the right pool and took into consideration lighting direction, depth, location, and how busy it would be on our shoot day. We decided on a local yacht club pool that was closed on Mondays (our shoot day) and was 15’ deep.

We overcame several inherent challenges shooting underwater for our shoot with four-time Olympic World Champion in Artistic Swimming, Kristina Makushenko.

Kristina has the rare ability to control her body movement and placement in the water while holding her breath for a few minutes at a time. Our creative challenge, aside from making great images, was to create a narrative that allowed the viewer to appreciate her skills.

In conversations with our stylist, we planned to use a variety of color and materials in our wardrobe selection to help tell our story. We wanted to accentuate Kristina’s skills and precision, as we photographed her performing a perfect 360 and captured it in stills and as a gif while she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit with heels. The second image features one of her trademark moves doing the ‘Moonwalk’, just at the precipice of the surface while inverted and moving backwards in heels. We utilized primary colors in these to juxtapose against the blue water and pool.

We also wanted to create some more artful images opting for more artistic camera angles, vibrant colors, and free flowing fabrics. We created our own bubble machine so we could position the bubbles and control their size, flow, and how rapidly they rose to the surface for the closeup images.

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