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Fotografia Europea: Larry Fink

By May 16, 2019 Member Spotlight

Image © Larry Fink

Editor’s Note: Larry Fink is a current ASMP Professional Member.

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[by Thierry Maindrault]

He added more than fifty years as a professional of photographic tools. He accumulates an incalculable number of publications. He collects exhibitions without counting. He fills up libraries with his books. he … . And mostly, he has really transmitted his mastery of photographic tools to future generations for over fifty years.

It’s no longer a riddle, it’s Larry FINK.

Larry FINK? He is … the Photographer, that is the man who masters and tames the light to extract it and make a picture as perfect as possible. Nothing is left to chance, let’s take a look at this likeable and appealing image that some imagine coming in straight line from the latest smartphone. That is not so, everything, or almost everything is in this image, to transcend a message, a visceral emotion, a mockery or a distress, a compassion or an emotional sharing, in short nothing leaves us indifferent. I affirm that nothing comes from chance.

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