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David Hume Kennerly, David Burnett, Other Vietnam War Photographers on How to Cover COVID Better

KHE SANH, VIETNAM –1971 (Photo by David Hume Kennerly/Getty Images).

Cross-posted from The Columbia Journalism Review. [By Amanda Darach]

“‘War is 95 percent boredom and 5 percent sheer terror, from a journalist’s point of view,’ says David Hume Kennerly, who won a 1972 Pulitzer Prize for his feature photography of the Vietnam War. CJR sat down with Kennerly and three other esteemed photojournalists from that conflict, Art Greenspon, Robert Hodierne, and David Burnett, to ask what lessons we can take from Vietnam to cover today’s invisible killer and the absence of public suffering.”


April 1971. Fatigued GI at Lang Vei. (Courtesy of David Burnett/Contact Press Images.)

‘When the heart gets filtered up through the camera’: Vietnam War photographers on how to cover COVID better

Editor’s Note: David Hume Kennerly and David Burnett are both ASMP Members. 

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