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Caryn B. Davis Packs Her Bags for a 200th Anniversary Antarctic Adventure

By January 10, 2020June 3rd, 2020Member Projects, Member Spotlight

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[by Jill Waterman]

The prospect of an Antarctic journey is sure to conjure an inescapable sense of adventure in even the most seasoned traveler. Award-winning photographer and journalist Caryn B. Davis knows this feeling well, because her travel bug runs deep. A former producer, writer, and cameraperson for television documentaries, Davis shifted cameras and careers, in 2000, to specialize in architectural and travel photography.

“My dream has always been to travel the world and take pictures and write about it,” she says. “And that seems to be happening with regularity right now, at this moment in my life.” Her newest adventure is a January 2020 Antarctic voyage timed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of what was initially called Palmer Land upon its discovery by American adventurer Nathaniel Palmer, in 1820.

We spoke with Davis while she was up to her ears in preliminary research—not to mention heaps of photo equipment—as she geared up for her trip and planned for several freelance magazine assignments. To learn how best to prepare for adventure travel, get timely packing tips, cold-weather clothing recommendations, and advice about travel-oriented photo and media products, read on through the Q&A with Davis.


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